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An ultimate guide of buying Men’s yoga clothing wholesale

While the web is filled with guides after guides on how to buy wholesale yoga clothing for women, few really focus on the men’s department. If you’re a small clothing business owner, struggling to keep your male customers excited and happy with your yoga wears collection, this guide is for you. Keep on reading.

Here are 5 yoga wears for men of 2016 

Cuffed yoga pants– Talk about the trend of this fall and cuffed pants are dominating the fashion scene. Top fitness wear manufactures were quick to act and bring the swag of cuffs to the yoga departments as well. Full pants and capris- cuffed yoga bottoms have climbed to the top of the men’s favorite list. They are stylish and, needless to say, highly comfortable for doing asanas. If you don’t already have them in your warehouse, purchase your bulk order today.

Men’s leggings– If you thought that leggings were strictly reserved for women, you need to travel back to today from 1950s. Top leggings wholesale distributors have recently introduced some exceptional varieties of workout tights for men that also work well as casual wears. Light in weight, with moderate fitting at hips and tight on the knees and ankles, they vouch high comfort and a charming look.

Pajama pants– While pajama pants is a past concept, the new varieties for yoga is very flattering both looks and quality wise. With vibrant colors, they sport prints on them; this extends their overall charm with a cool and casual flavor. They are usually moderate in fitting and offer easy breathing. For men who gets involved in light yoga workouts, and dig a relaxed look, these yoga pajama pants synonyms perfection.

Dri-fit T-shirts – These are unlike the traditional yoga tops, which would normally be plain in looks and snug-fit. The new men’s dri-fit T-shirts for men designed and tailored for yoga activities are much hippy in look with their loose fittings and colorful varieties. In quality department, they are either made of superior quality cotton or cotton-poly blend. They offer high breathing with top-notch wicking properties.

Compression wears – Not just for yoga, these men’s compression tops and bottoms fill in all fitness purpose- perfect for every type of workout and physical activity. They are mostly hailed for their impeccable quality; renowned wholesale yoga clothing suppliers offer them in standard varieties. With snug fit, they are highly stretchable and, made using efficient technology, they guarantee high ventilation and wicking properties.

These are the 5 men’s yoga wears, trending in 2016; and are likely to carry forward to 2017.

Aside men, equal focus should also be given to the wholesale kids clothing department. In a study of 2012, it came out that an estimate of 1.3 million children in US does yoga. In 2016, the number would probably have been doubled, given more awareness about Yoga today than ever before. Top manufacturers today offer premium quality yoga wears for kids in many custom varieties. Wholesale them too.