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Use These Handy Tips to Hide Your Panty Lines When Working Out

Skin-fit training gear is amazing for a long gym routine, but it can be difficult to make out what to wear beneath. If you’re anxious about your panty lines exposing, you aren’t alone. We have curated some of the finest solutions to resist visible panty lines so you can exercise confidently and comfortably.

Go commando to dodge wearing underwear at all

You can chop down on panty lines and laundry at the same time. If your exercising gear is thicker, give up the underwear all together to exercise care-free. Going commando can leave you vulnerable to camel toe, particularly if you are sporting tight leggings. Try strolling around in your house before you go out to ensure everything remains in place. Try to sport training gear that gives you loads of coverage if you are working to train without underwear. Filmy bottoms can result in a fashion catastrophe at the fitness center if you aren’t cautious.

Take a crack at thong for an easy solution

The proper thong can be as comfy as regular panties. Pick a thong that doesn’t have any sewing seams thus it won’t expose through your training gear. Try to look for a thong made of Spandex or nylon to prevent harsh lines. Thongs minus the seams are at times known as “seamless” or “no-show”, thus you can search for those keywords when you shop around at the sites of wholesale clothing manufacturers.

Opt for a g-string to shun unnecessary material

This underwear uses way less material than a conventional thong. Purchase a g-string and put it on underneath your training gear to prevent any panty lines at all. The strings of a g-string can take a bit getting used to, therefore try to wear yours around your house before exercising in it.

Take a crack at a stick-on thong to miss out on conventional underwear

These thongs just conceal the front of your crotch; therefore there are no panty lines at all. Peel off the back from a stick-on thong and push it against the inside of your training gear. The thong will hide your crotch region in the front whilst leaving your free of panty lines.

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