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What To Pair With Every Fit Of Jeans?

The most excellent jeans in the world are the ones the suit you. So it pays to know the various cuts available, the body types they fit, and what looks great with them. From your much-loved skinny jeans to wide-leg denim from mens clothing manufacturers, these are the dos and don’ts of sporting every fit that matters.

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Regular fit jeans

Regular fit jeans looked wonderful in the 50’s, and we suggest you look to the same era for styling inspiration. Attempt working with a flannel check shirt and work boots, or for a chore jacket and any heavy-soled boots. They also look wonderful with a turn-up, but if you have short legs make it thinner as opposed to broader, as a thick turn up will make your legs look shorter still. For complete lumberjack vibes, pair your flannel shirt with a gilet and go for an iconic pair of jeans. Of course.

Taper fit jeans

To attain utmost form adulation from taper fit jeans, a nice start is to give up anything with a loose cut or baggy fit. You need to sport a shorter top with this style of bottom-wear, not the long tees with skinny jeans. You can also opt for a tad more volume so a standard fit shirt rather than a slim fit or a chunky, boxy sweater. Top that off with a shorter bomber jacket or otherwise opt for an extra-large raglan sleeve coat.

To nail the footwear, steer clear of formal styles and stick to sneakers. Something athletic is a safe bet and we’d suggest a retro runner or, otherwise, something low-profile and simple.

Broad leg jeans

The solution to sartorial success with broad leg jeans is to make sure the rest of your attire is in keeping with that simple street print. Think bright, stocky sneakers, a hoodie, and some street-friendly accessories, such as a cross-body bag or dad cap.

For outerwear, we have a tip for maintaining the equilibrium. With this fit, you must always try to add balance and shape to the upper half by using ample pockets to aid with the proportions.

Skinny fit jeans

If you choose to go down the Chelsea boot route, we’d suggest teaming black or grey denim with black leather footwear. Put on a white t-shirt for contrast and then tie things together in real rockstar style with the addition of a leather bike jacket.

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