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Why Compression Clothing Is The Future Of Holistic Fitness Apparel?

We live in a world where, sports enthusiasts constantly seek ever-marginal gains in performance. No wonder, this demand has birthed unique and premium trendy apparel pieces that has the ability to transform your workout routine.

Business owners can find wholesale compression clothing that is designed to lend a supportive edge to the fitness enthusiasts. Let’s read on to know why these are the future of holistic fitness apparel.

  1. Compression clothing started out in the field of medicine. The much-loved compression clothing has its roots in medicine, where commonly it’s used on patients whose blood pressure is low following an operation, or in those experiencing poor circulation. Compression is medically used to increase blood flow, while also dispersing lymphatic fluid. So, it has a medical background that’s been adapted for sport.

  2. It’s designed for purpose. Ideally, it needs to be measured for the individual. There are different ideal compression profiles for pre- and post-activity, and during exercise. This means a higher compression during exercise like a high-impact run, versus lower compression for recovery, when heart rate is lower and you’re resting.

  3. It lowers the risk of DVT for the fitter athlete. The fitter you are, the lower your resting heart rate tends to be. Interestingly, when travelling, athletes can be more prone to deep-vein thrombosis syndrome so compression can be useful here too. According to the studies, when travelling, you get a lighter feeling and feel fresher when using compression garments.

  4. It’s not just about improving circulation. Another key benefit of using compression, before, during and after exercise, is injury prevention. This is linked to increasing the efficiency of the muscles when they’re working.

  5. Compression can benefit both athletes and non-athletes. We know that compression can increase circulation, but it can also increase muscle stabilization and awareness to promote good movement patterns. There’s a heightened sense of movement when you wear compression clothing, which helps you to adopt correct positions. At the same time, it helps to disperse lymphatic build up and remove waste products like lactic acid from the muscles.

Get in touch with one of the renowned clothing manufacturer USA and communicate your requirements for bulk compression apparel pieces. Look for the MOQ of the products and drop a mail stating the wholesale needs to the customer care team.