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Why is Sublimation Best for Custom Designed Sports Apparel?

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

Sublimated clothing has become a popular alternative to traditionally printed clothing items. Apart from regular clothing items, sublimation printing is especially used these days for designing sports apparel. Dye sublimation is the process that is used for printing a variety of materials including fabric, ceramic, slate, cork, wood, and much more. Dye sublimation provides high-quality and durable prints on fabric, which is why most contemporary sports clothing are made using sublimated printing processes. This type of printing can also be used for creating promotional clothing items of different kinds. 

The sublimation process:

Traditionally prints are fixed onto fabrics using screen printing or inkjet. In sublimation, however, the ink is fused into the fabric, which makes it long-lasting. The high-tech process used in sublimated printing clothing also gives the fabric a softer touch after the printing is done. In sublimated clothing items, the colors remain the same for years despite regular wash and outdoor lighting. That is why this type of printing is considered ideal for making sports clothing and school uniforms. If you are second-guessing the idea of getting sublimated sports clothing items, learn how sublimation produces high-quality clothing items.

High-quality products produced through sublimation:

No shortcuts are taken when creating sublimated clothing items. The leading companies that offer sublimated products always source the highest quality raw materials and fabrics for this purpose. This is done to make sure that the end product comes out looking and feeling perfect. The well-known clothing brands are always concerned about their clients’ satisfaction, which is why they strive to create the best products. High-quality polyesters, Lycra, and other suitable materials are used for creating sports sublimated sports clothing.

You get to design/choose your prints:

One of the best things about sublimation is that you get customization features with it. If you have some creative design ideas for the clothing items, go for a clothing company that offers custom sublimated t-shirts, jerseys, shorts, and much more. With custom sublimated shirts, you can take the liberty to print any promotional design on the clothing items. That is why many brands and private companies prefer sublimated clothing for creating various types of promotional events. When done right, sublimation can actually prove to be useful for branding purposes.

So, if you are convinced about the quality and effectiveness of sublimated sports clothing items, it is time that you get in touch with a clothing manufacturer that offers this type of clothing item. Make sure you go with the reputed ones to get the highest quality products, and the best services.