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Women’s Winter Fashion Outfits You Can Invest in New Year

The winter clothing trends of 2021 are unique and sartorial. If you are looking for experimental clothing pieces, then you should definitely browse through the blog as we have listed some of the fashionable women’s outfits that you can choose from.

In fact owing to the demands for the same, one of the popular wholesale women’s clothing supplier has come up with a collection that you can have a look through. Therefore, check out the blog below to know more.

Period dresses

The spirit of the distant past has been resurrected by the designers in the form of medieval chatelaine dresses, to long, high-collared overcoats and cloaks covering the body head to foot, etc. You can expect to see a lot of revival outfits that are perfect for pulling off the look.


In fact, themantelets are back in fashion as well.These are available in the form of short mini-capes covering the shoulders and arms. They can be worn over dresses, as in bygone days, and also over coats and other types of jackets. They are made of wool, nylon and leather, of silvery fabric and even lace (or feature a longer cape-like back.

Maxi shoulders

The accent is on shoulders, with masculine jackets featured in every collection. The shoulder lines are sculptured 1980’s-style and the shoulders broaden, inflate and taper, or are hugely exaggerated to add an edge of classic androgynous style. The best way to pull off this look is to opt for the oversized jacket and/or the blazers for the effect.

Balloon sleeves

For next winter, designers are paying a very special attention to arms, covering them and inflating them with volume, emphasizing them like never before. Like shoulders, sleeves too become voluminous. They burgeon into airy shapes, rounded like balloons or flared pagoda-style. A phenomenon affecting all kinds of garments, from dresses to jackets, knitwear and coats.

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