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17 Eye-Catching Dresses That Deserve A Position In Every Woman’s Wardrobe

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By Alanic

Dresses will always be a woman’s first choice when deciding on an outfit, no matter the season or occasion. And why not? After all, they can be styled in different ways, worn all year round, and can offer a flattering look to everyone.

Do you love to wear dresses? Do you want to own an impressive collection of different kinds and flaunt them to your friends? There are over 50 types available in the market today and in numerous hues, prints, cuts, designs, styles, and sizes. The clothing manufacturers have been going all out and bringing never-seen-before dresses!

Discussed below are 17 attention-grabbing styles that are trending the most:

1. Lovely Wrap Dress

The wrap dress, also called the tie-waist dress, is a figure-flattering choice for any woman. With strings or sashes that help in narrowing the torso, wrap dresses help in flaunting a charming silhouette and a deep V neckline. The shimmery and metallic-toned wrap dresses are a prom and cocktail favorite and celebs like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian have rocked this attire in super cool ways. Whether long, short, with a slit, or sans a slit – a wrap dress is an all-time favorite of bridesmaids too. You can play it up with the sexy versions or the mellow pastel hues when it comes to wrap dresses— so arrest attention as per your choice and the mood for celebration. Fan of Game of Thrones? Is the Cersei Lannister wrap dress with a chunky belt hovering in your mind? Well, we get it!

lovely wrap dress

2. Unique Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical dresses or high-low dresses, usually featuring the hem of the dress lower at the back and high at the front, are a popular choice for many fashion-forward ladies out there. Tinseltown beauties such as Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Jennifer Aniston have often shown their love for them. Being universally flattering, they look good on any body type, so whether you have a pear-shaped, apple-shaped, hourglass, or rectangle-shaped body, you can easily rock one. If you want to tease the viewer with more skin-show, then consider going for the style that has a sleeve on one side and not on the other! This will also give a refreshing touch to your look, adding to the stereotypical high-low concept. Going for one, you can expect a playful, easy-to-carry, flowy appearance always.

unique asymmetrical dress

3. Sexy Camisole Dress

Displaying thin, singlet straps combined with a V or round neck, this dress looks like a petticoat or slip. Soft materials like satin, silk, or cotton perfectly go with this style and it may be cut on the bias to add a little stretch. If you are someone who has a simple taste in life, then a fairly streamlined and straight silhouette would be perfect for you and if you are into details, then put your faith in pleats or gathers, as they are great for adding a bit of interest. Want to look hot in one? Opt for those with lacy details at the top or bottom. When you have an evening party to attend and wish to go for something different, a camisole dress can be your perfect option with a sheer or low-cut top. Plus, it works just fine in winter.

sexy camisole dress

4. Beautiful Corset Dress

Now, whether you have always admired Titanic’s Rose, or you are an absolute literature lover with Jane Austen being your all-time favorite author, you are bound to notice how the ladies went for corset dresses there, time and again. During the 1500s and 1600s, corsets first came into the picture, as women idealized the image of a small waist. Here, the corset used to be laced up or fitted over the dress, enhancing the natural curves of the woman, while the rest of the robe added to the style and elegance. The modern-day version is a little different and now you can see them not just on the gowns but on numerous styles and designs. Have the perfect curves? Go for a figure-hugging corset dress with a thigh-high slit (another crazy popular trend), as it will emphasize the fullness of your chest and enhance your butt.

beautiful corset dress

5. Snazzy Halter-Neck Dress

If you are always looking for something that can smoothly flatter your trim arms and slim shoulders, then halter-neck dresses are meant for you. They have a unique way of accentuating the feminine figure. Being cut away to the neck and sleeveless where a tie or band holds the dress up, they make sure you look desirable yet modest. Be it fashionable soirees or formal events, they have an extraordinary allure and exude a timeless charm. These dresses are comfortable, versatile, and flattering on all body shapes, so you can easily find many versions of them in the market. Choosing the ones that look best on you, you can rock any event with a few fashion-conscious additions like statement clutch bags and fun footwear.

snazzy halter-neck dress

6. Sophisticated Cocktail Dress

Serving as an exemplary blend between formal and casual, a cocktail dress is best suitable for semi-formal social occasions, often termed cocktail parties. Simply chic, polished, and sophisticated, they fall just above or below the knee. The iconic, well-fitted cocktail-dress silhouettes, including slip, empire, and sheath, and making use of different necklines and sleeves, attract attention to its style and are great for workplace occasions as well. Both statements as well as minimalist jewelry go with them. So, if you are planning an outfit for an upcoming work event, you can blindly place your bet on it. Don’t worry! All the compliments will be yours for sure!

sophisticated cocktail dress

7. Fabulous Balloon Dress

The balloon dress features a full skirt with the skirt’s bottom being gathered into a band that is narrower than the skirt, and this gives the balloon effect as the fullness of the skirt balloons over the band, creating a puffy, round look. Because of the lightweight, voluminous design and playful cut, it looks very romantic and feminine, making it a great option for you to consider for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. To impress your man with an unusual appearance, you can settle for the ‘’no strap” style. By the way, do you remember the Norwegian designer Mr. Fredrik, who offered a whole new look to the balloon dresses by creating some never-seen-before performative “bubble dresses”? They left every fashionista all around the world, impressed!

fabulous balloon dress

8. Pretty Ball Gown Dress

Almost every woman on this planet has at least once in her life imagined going to a ball wearing a breathtaking ball gown and meeting her prince charming. A kind of formal dress characterized by its voluminous, full skirt, extending from the waistline to the floor, the ball gown is every die-hard romantic’s dream to put on. While the skirt is created using different fabrics such as organza, taffeta, satin, and silk, the bodice of the dress is fitted and is usually adorned with embellishments like sequins, beading, lace, and embroidery. Throw on the most dramatic one, and with “courage and kindness”, you will find your Mr. Right at the next black-tie event.

pretty ball gown dress

9. Classy Kaftan Dress

Originally associated with conventional North, Turkish, and West African clothing, kaftan dresses are made of bright-colored materials and are flowing and loose. Offering laidback, easy-going yet luxurious vibes, it adds to the personality of the wearer. Coming in many size options such as cropped, short, and mid-length, Kaftan dresses have even served as a symbol of royalty in some cultures. Why reserve it for pulling an all-nighter with your girlfriends or donning it simply as brunch wear, with Kaftans making a comeback in fashion last year in new forms of prints and embellishments, you can wear it as workwear easily. With one, you can also pull off a daring diva look at the next wedding you are going to attend. Think about it!

classy kaftan dress

10. Fancy Kimono Dress

Based on a conventional Japanese form of clothing, the kimono dresses are pretty unusual. Typically featuring a wrap-around design and long, flowing, voluminous sleeves, this complementary and elegant clothing piece exudes a sense of elegance and refinement. With some versions sporting asymmetrical pockets as well as hidden inseam pockets, you can say that it effortlessly blends conventional Japanese culture with modern fashion sensibilities. Have you checked out the short vibrant styles that the manufacturers have been bringing lately? You can try one on that upcoming Japan trip booked with your bae.

fancy kimono dress

11. Chic Handkerchief Dress

Thinking, “Never heard of it before”? Oh no! Don’t picture yourself in a handkerchief! It’s just that the material of a handkerchief dress is cut and sewn in such a way that it gives the look of a handkerchief that is held from the center and the corners hang down as points. As you throw it on, you realize that the corners are longer than the middle and this kind of hemline is quite chic and feminine. The unique silhouette is all about a form play with a fitted torso that leads to a flared bottom and the fabrics used are soft and delicate, which helps in attaining maximum volume and drapes. Originating from the Great Gatsby era, it continues to rule the hearts of style-conscious women to date.

chic handkerchief dress

12. Attractive Mermaid Dress

Is Princess Aerial from ‘The Little Mermaid’ has always been your favorite Disney character ever since childhood? Want to know what it feels like to be the carefree girl from the ocean? Try on a mermaid dress! It’s long and flares out in the shape of a fishtail. Hugging the chest and waist and flaring out at the bottom, thus creating an hourglass figure or a mermaid silhouette, the style is constructed to highlight the curves of the female body. The flared part can either fall from the knee or further down the skirt from the calf. Be it a prom, wedding, or formal evening event, the timeless, chic silhouette of a mermaid dress can make you feel like a princess.

attractive mermaid dress

13. Delightful Sundress

When you are a beach baby, you can’t miss out on a sundress. Luxurious vacations with your sweetheart call for some. Mainly designed for summer, the sundress is a loose-fitting strappy dress. Usually, it has thin spaghetti straps that you can tie on the shoulders and it’s tighter around the waist. As you can understand, it doesn’t cover the neck, shoulder, and arms. The bottom portion is often flowing and is made up of lightweight, smooth materials, such as rayon, linen, and cotton. You can find these dresses in light colors as well as in bold patterns. So, you can always take your pick based on your taste and preferences.

delightful sundress

14. Innovative Blouson Dress

A dress with a cinched waist and slightly pulled-out blousing material is a blouson dress. The bodice of a blouson is a bit puffed-up, which makes it suitable for all body shapes. So, if you are a skinny woman, it will give you the appearance of a fuller figure, and if you are a plus-size lady, it will enhance your curves perfectly. It doesn’t come with an exact length and style but is available in a lot of variations, differing in fabrics, silhouettes, and necklines. While you will find some suitable for casual events, some are fit to be worn at weddings. To look more feminine and graceful, you can wear one with the help of a sleek belt.

innovative blouson dress

15. Alluring Smock Dress

A structured dress that is crafted from lightweight material and features a voluminous shape and embroidered details is a smock. The best feature of such a dress is the oversized fullness of the fabric. It’s typically defined by its full-length and loose-fitting silhouette and is great for both casual and formal settings. Being lightweight and fantastically floaty, they have become a fashion favorite for many. A trend follower? Remember, the oversized smock dress trend is here to stay! With fashion editors and street stylers making it super popular, you need to stock on a few and rock some places! With a little bit of confidence, you can look no less than a runway model in a maxi oversized smock!

alluring smock dress

16. Elegant Pinafore Dress

Mostly designed with an emphasis on style and comfort, the dresses that are usually sleeveless and meant to be worn over a top are called pinafore dresses. Sometimes regarded as a jumper dress, it doesn’t have a collar and the straps go over the shoulder to meet the straps at the back. The straps let you adjust the fit to emphasize your perfect body shape. Did you know that the earliest version of this dress was a protective, easily-removable apron that was worn by pinning it to the wearer’s dress? On days, when you want to look cute, you can go for a contemporary pinafore dress with a button-down shirt or a turtleneck sweater.

elegant pinafore dress

17. Voguish Blazer Dress

To give off boss-lady vibes with a no-nonsense attitude at the office, nothing can be better than a blazer dress. Also, if you want to look classy and elegant while feeling comfortable, it’s meant for you. A versatile clothing item that combines both the casual as well as formal aesthetics of a dress and blazer is a blazer dress. It displays structured lapels, shoulders, and a buttoned-up front such as a blazer with a loose, flowing skirt like that of a dress. It’s designed to fit snugly around the hips and waist and features a curved hemline that offers a flattering silhouette to the wearer. Depending on the rules and regulations of your workplace, you can dress it up or down and pair it with different accessories.

voguish blazer dress

The bottom line is…

If you wish to step out in style with confidence on your sleeves, make sure to invest in these striking dresses for sure! The wholesale fashion clothing manufacturers are making their catalog all-inclusive of the trendiest dresses that help you to laid bare your attitude. So, business owners if you are on the lookout for satiating the fashion-loving needs of the sexy divas, it’s time to update your store’s stock and let your sales figures surge high! Good luck!