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4 Gym Clothes from The 90s That Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe

We all have been influenced by the peppy 90’s fashion. Liked it or hated it, you could not escape it. It was a major part of our lives. The gym scenario might not have been as popular as it is today, however, sports made quite a hubbub and of course, the cheerleaders. Everyone wanted to be a cheerleader. Okay, let’s not forget the infomercial (come on, it made Thigh master a raging hit!) Back then, do it at home or learn from the videos were extremely popular.

The clothes for gym classes might have been limited back then, but one has to give it to the sheer brilliance they presented. With their bright colors and their vibrant textures, it was something that we all wanted to have in our wardrobe.

Thus, today, here are mentioned 4 such items from the 90’s to pay a tribute to the groundbreaking era.

Cropped tank top with layers

One of the staple cheerleader looks was combining a cropped tank top with a mini skirt (it was so mini that now wearing it only seems futile). The cropped tank top was a hybrid that could later be split again into a sports bra and a tank top. While it contained the comfort of a tank top, it provided much support and coverage like the sports bra. Perfect for high-intensity workout, this fashionable piece in quirky prints is a must borrow.

Too short or too long

The 90’s worked in extremes. And this was inclusive of the clothes. The pair of shorts were either too short, or the track pants were too long. Wearing them with knee length socks or a snarky pair of sneakers actually made some true fashion statements. And when it came to functionality, no other item can be better than a pair of shorts or track pants. Wholesale fitness apparel manufacturer borrowed these pieces from the 90’s and has tweaked them enough to fit the modern gym scenario.


Everyone from Will Smith to Brittany Spears was spotted in tracksuits. The fashionable sets which were known for being extremely practical as a sportswear quickly gained popularity since their inception and there was no stopping them in the 90’s. Having a pair of tracksuits was a must. The velvet jacket and trousers came in vivid colors (pink and red and some even had embellishments) so as to add to the vivacity of the duo. Jump start to almost 20 years, we still have the pieces, only they are subtle and elusive.


You thought sneakers belonged to this era? Well, you are wrong. Sneakers have been around for a long time now. And in the 90s, they were at their best. With the nice undertones and the white ones (now you know where the entire trend started), the wardrobe was not complete without a nice pair of sneakers for footwear. Withstanding a plethora of experiments, we still have them today, and our children will also have them tomorrow. It is a perennial piece that is going nowhere, not anytime soon at least.

Thus, it can be said that we love 90’s clothes (some of them to be honest) and love having them back. Someone said the 90’s was back, and we didn’t let the chance slip to bring back our favorite item while still being legit. Private label fitness apparel can be purchased from top manufacturers who customize the clothes to retain the 90’s charm. Retailers can buy them in bulk while getting massive discounts on the purchase.