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4 Types of Gym and Fitness Clothing That Can Boost Your Retail Stock

The fitness fashion has undergone a huge transformation in the recent years. As a result many outfit trends have come and went while some stayed with the flow. Now if you are starting up a retail store, you must have the most basic idea about the gym clothes that are currently on trend for your prospective customers. So here we have listed down some important details about a few fitness apparels that can help you immensely to satiate the requirements of your consumers.

Gym t-shirts

No matter how much you people love their good, old cotton tees, it is essential to choose sweat-repelling fabrics for the gym sessions. Cotton, as we know, has good moisture-wicking abilities but is absolutely incapable of releasing the water through evaporation and becomes heavier with sweat, allowing the bacteria to grow on the skin and rendering you uneasy and uncomfortable the entire time. This is the reason why designers, in association with any top rated clothing manufacturer, have introduced finest quality synthetic fibres that transfer the moisture from the body to the outer layer of the tee so that it can evaporate and leave a cooling effect to the body.


Tracksuits are back in fitness fashion and today’s designers are offering them in an assortment of colors and prints which make them even more appealing for the wearers. From the ones in monochromes to pop hues of pink, green and yellow to those with prints of floral, birds and Aztec motifs the options are aplenty for the bulk purchasers to grab onto. Crafted with lightweight, moisture-wicking materials and high-end technologies, they can be worn from gym to street to casual party.

Bottoms wears

Workout bottoms are offered in different lengths from long to three quarter to short, but the ones that are more proper for an active gym session or any athletic activity is a pair of capris which hang just below the knees and the long pants that does not cause any tripping hazard while running on the treadmill or using any other gym equipment. Since the lower part of the body does not generate as much heat as the upper part, wearing high moisture-wicking pants is not really required. Now as for their appearances, you can find them, including wholesale leggings, in different shades of coral red, green, blue and black as well as prints of abstract, Aztec and floral that can go with your mood and personality. Now whatever colors and prints you choose for the fitness wears, make sure that the thickness of the pants is maintained which is that they are neither too form-fitting nor too baggy.

Sports bras

This is a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. Wearing a sports bra while running support the breasts properly and prevent stretches and damages in the ligaments. It also reduces too much bounces by pressing the bust the against the chest. These are also available in a melange of colors from pastel to bright shades such as mint green, peach, powder blue, white, hot pink and pop yellow near any top rated wholesale fitness & workout clothing online.