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5 Clothing Combo You Need To Try Out Every Day Of The Coming Week

Are you running out of ideas on what to wear to your office every day?

Well, here is a complete guide. It takes each day of one week and instructs you on what to wear.

Get ready to be complemented by every onlooker who lays an eye on you.


Monday blues are true. The sheer pain of returning to work on a Monday morning is as real as it can get. Since you will be feeling lazy (as most of us do), you need to dress easy. You know something that complements your (gloomy) mood. All you need is a denim shirt tucked into a pair of black trousers, held together using a nice leather belt. This can be further complemented by a pair of derby and aviators. To beat the cold, you can wear a quilted jacket on top.


Tuesday is just like an extended Monday and we don’t like it anymore. But dressing a bit dressier can still fix the mood. A flannel shirt will give the casual vibe infused with the right amount of conventionalism. A flannel shirt in darker tones tucked in a pair of chinos will uphold the smart-casual approach well. Team it with a structured blazer and a pair of loafers to look charming. Remember to color coordinate the clothes to get the maximum of the compliments. Dark flannel shirt lightly shaded chinos, and a dark blazer will work well. Top clothing suppliers have the best of the flannel shirts displayed in their inventory.


Finally, mid-week! This means we are just two days away from unlimited sleep and hanging out with friends (or maybe just catch on the latest Netflix show). Whatever your plans are, Wednesday is a day to be happy. And let your clothes show that in abundance. A turtleneck shirt in grey teamed with a pair of chinos in blue and a bright rain jacket (pick any vibrant color) will complete your appearance. For footwear, opt for a pair of loafers to look a little less conventional but more than just casual.


Thursday, this means just one more day! Yes, yes, go ahead and show your creativity today. Wear a plain t-shirt over a pair of chinos and throw over your favorite flannel shirt on top. A pair of white plimsolls will go well the entire casual-formal tone. To look a bit formal, you can opt for a polo shirt instead and throw over an unstructured jacket for that perfect balance. Go for muted tones that are rich in texture to elevate the overall appeal.


No other day is better than Friday! You can dress full casual, especially if you have a party to attend. So that bomber jacket and graphic t-shirt, which has been sitting in your wardrobe all week, yes, you can take them out. A graphic tee combined with a bomber jacket and a pair of jeans and plimsolls is as spontaneous as the ensemble can get. Keep it simple but effective to raise the temperature!

So, good luck! Hope you will put all these information to good use. 5 days and you will be the fashion champion of your workplace. For all the retailers, you can register online with the top manufacturers of wholesale workout clothes and general apparels. Massive discounts are available on bulk purchase.