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5 Disney-Themed Princess Dress Inspirations for Your Little Daughter

Children love Disney princesses. Much of our childhood has been spend watching them and we have rejoiced every time Cinderella won over her cruel step mother and sisters and Belle saved the Beast. Your daughter might also be a fan of Disney movies. This summer, dress her part and make her look adorable.

Here are four princesses and how you can dress your princess accordingly..


Cinderella found her fairy godmother who turned this beautiful damsel into a princess we all love and adore. For a Cinderella look-alike, you can pick a blue floral dress. Use accessories like a bow headband and simple pendant to add to her appearance. Furthermore, a pair of ballerinas with embellishments can be picked for a heightened impact.


She made the beast fall in love her and we followed suit. Belle has two signature clothes- one is the regular white and blue dress and the other is the flowy yellow gown she wears when dancing with the beast. For the first one, you can use a white top and a blue knee length skirt with blue sneakers. The latter can be replicated using yellow gowns available with wholesale children clothing distributorsShe will look adorable when you combine it with a pair of ballerinas and a hairband with a bow.

Sleeping Beauty

The Prince Charming kissed Sleeping Beauty to wake her up from her sleep. For a replicated Sleeping Beauty appearance, help your daughter wear a nice pair of denim shorts in pink combined with a pink embellished top. A pair of pink sneakers will not only keep her at ease but help her render a pretty pink look.


The rebel princess is known for her bravery and earthly colors. Dress your little princess in a brown top and white pant to help her look pretty. Use a blue pearl neck piece as an accessory. Comb her hair back and use a feather to adorn her hair that will make her look like Pocahontas exactly.

So help you daughter woo others and add to her charm by dressing her like her favorite princess. With a variety of clothes influenced from the princesses available with the manufacturers of wholesale clothing Australia. Retailers who want to make a bulk purchase can check out their inventory. register with them today and get massive discounts on bulk placements.