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5 Summer Clothing Hacks Which Will Literally Up Your Game

As the sun has decided to become relentless, and the heat seems to be stifling, we are for now stuck with it. And dressing appropriately, which retorts to the heat, keeps you at ease, helps you look like a charm, well, it can truly be tricky. But giving the summer a tough competition here is a list of five clothing combinations. Each uses a typical summer outfit but styles it to get the best out of it.

Helps you to stand out in the crowd. So keep reading.

Polo shirt + Trousers + Loafers

Three individual pieces that sit right with the summer, and are stylish in their own sweet little ways is the first combination you got to try. Ideal for the ‘maybe formal maybe casual’ occasion, pick a polo shirt in dark colors (preferably blue) and team it with a pair of slim fit trousers in lightweight suede. To complement the subtlety of the outfit, wear a pair of loafers in neutral shades. And don’t forget the invisible sock and sunglasses.

Sublimated striped tee + White trousers + Plimsolls

A very nautical inspired clothing ensemble, this combination shrieks of being summer ready. To declare a fashion war against the sun, wear a smartly sublimated horizontal striped t-shirt in the evergreen combo of white and blue and team it with a pair of white trousers. White Plimsolls can be the best footwear for they are comfortable and the closet you can get to the sailor shoes. Now, this is what we call a tempting look.

Tailored trousers + Structured blazer

A fail-safe combination that every man should add their style book (get one if you don’t have one), this is what you need to truly prove that you are a man of bravura! The fine line that separates casual and formal look is the fit. Yes, you read that right, the fit. A well-tailored outfit has the probability of creating more charm than one that is not. A well-adjusted pair of navy trousers, teamed with a neutral tee and a structured blazer threw over casually and a pair of loafers is as sexy as it ever gets (beat that Sun!).

Shorts + Tee + Blazer

In most casual occasions (for the summer), guys are either overdressed or look like a hobo. So finding the perfect balance, this combination has been devised. A pair of shorts (with subtle prints) can be worn with a light colored tee. To add a dash of smartness to the outfit, you can throw over a simple blazer in a relaxed fit. Again, a loafer will be the choice of the day for the look will be a sure fire, without looking stiff.

Hoodie + Shorts + Trainers

Workout clothing wholesale that is available with top manufacturers is all constructed to endure the worst of the adversity (sweat attack! Big thing!). They promote breathability hence allowing you to be cool. And when the combination is as simple as a hoodie (minus the blinding flashy graphics), shorts and trainers, you got to get right dude. Being at the zenith of comfort, stick to light shades. Be it a coffee break or an errand run, or maybe just working out in the gym, this combination is sure to work.

On that note, please dress correctly this summer. Since the heat is nowhere to go, adjust your clothing patterns around it (no change promoted!). Be smart, be cool, and be stylish! Men’s clothing manufacturers have a variety of these summer special clothes added to their catalog that can be accessed by the retailers. Massive discounts can be secured on bulk purchase of clothes as well.