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7 Ways to Screw Up When Buying Sports Clothing Wholesale

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

The sports clothing industry is always booming. But this is not to say that every business that ventures into this industry eventually meets success. In fact, there have been plenty of examples of small businesses, that even when the market provides ample opportunities to kick start and grow, often fail to seize it.

If you’re a clothing business owner, struggling with unsold wholesale sportswear apparel, here we provide you with some of the ways to help you get out from the ditch; some of the reasons why you’re struggling in the first place.

So here are the 7 ways you might be screwing up when making your bulk purchase from a sports clothing supplier. Take notes and fix them immediately.

1. You haven’t conducted a thorough market research

Admittedly, the sports clothing market booms all the time and there are loads of lucrative opportunities for small businesses to capitalize on. But this is not always guaranteed. Maybe in your city sports are not as popular? Maybe you have picked the wrong season to offer soccer jerseys? Maybe your customers want white color New York Rangers NFL jerseys and not red ones? So you must know such basic things. You must know if the demand exists the in the first place. And what exactly your target customers want or what your competitors are offering.

2. Picking an ‘Average-Joe’ manufacturer

You win or lose half the battle the moment you pick a manufacturer and this is why is very important that you pick only the best and most renowned one. And for this, you might have a do a bit of research on wholesale sports clothing suppliers themselves. Search the internet, read blogs, and ask for recommendations. Spend a good amount of your time in this step.

3. Being inconsiderate of the quality even slightly

Unlike fashion and lifestyle wear, high quality is everything in the sports clothing department. So you have to be very (VERY!) considerate of the quality of your wholesale. Ensure the wear are made using the finest of dry-fitted fabrics and technology. Make sure they are uber comfy and easily breathable and complement the sport they are made for.

4. Not using the customization option properly

Manufacturers offer customization options with their wholesale to help the bulk buyers, but often these small businesses overlook this option, particularly when they are targeting amateur players. While these standard varieties may work a few times, not always. To meet the specific demands and preferences of your customers, you must use the personalization option accordingly and effectively.

5. Targeting just the professional and amateur players

Of course players- professionals and amateurs- are the foremost consumers of sports wears, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you target just them. Fans are just as big consumers. You must specifically wholesale sports jerseys, trousers, hoodies, and more to cater to them. These wear, aside from being comfy, must also be stylish.

6. Waiting for the customers

One of the great things about sports wears wholesale is that you don’t have to wait for the customers to approach you and buy. With your high-quality wholesale, you can conveniently and directly approach your local sports clubs from the front and take their orders. Offering them special discounts would only increase your chance of making the sale.

7. Looking for cheap-priced wholesale

Doing business comes with budget restrictions and for this clothing, bulk buyers look for cheap-priced wholesale. This may be okay when you’re purchasing lifestyle and fashion wears but not with wholesale sportswear apparel. Low-priced clothes usually have discrepancies in their quality. And like mentioned already, with sportswear, high quality is everything.

These are the seven ways you might be screwing up when buying your wholesale from sports clothing suppliers in Australia and USA based. Fix them today and see your sales go up.