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Accessories to Level up Your Fitness Fashion

When you have enough leggings and training shoes to last the summer, what else can you do to exercise in fashion?

Accessories give you the chance to tailor your summer fitness look while being useful during a workout.

Health Constitution Australia reports that digital fitness is on the rise. But just because you’re online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look trendy—your yoga peers can still see you on their computer screens!

These fashionable items can help give your look that extra element that you can’t achieve only with clothing.

Bag It to Go

While not the most visible item, the gym bag is essential for the fitness fanatic. Even if you are going to work out in the park, a functional and stylish sports bag is vital.

Taking a bag with you to exercise means you not only bring the essentials—water, towel, music—but it also lets you take your workout to the next level in style. Resistance bands, foam rollers, and skipping ropes can all accompany you wherever you lay your bag to work out.

When picking a bag, think whether you want to carry it on your back or across your shoulder. After taking into account the pockets and size, you can go crazy with color and material from bright green neoprene to suave dark leather.

Yoga Mats

Once there was only one type of yoga mat. An awful colored PVC sheet that felt terrible to touch and worse to lie on—but now much more is available to the aspiring yogi.

Once you’ve dealt with the practical concerns—grip, thickness, price—it is possible to get a mat more tailored to your style. The myriad colors, patterns, and prints available mean you no longer have to settle between two ugly colors.

The mat can become a feature in your home, matching effortlessly with your furnishings’ style and color scheme. Also, with the possibility of custom-made mats, your own patterns, images, or quotes can adorn your yoga flow station.

Water Bottle Bragging

There’s no area of function you cannot make fashionable, and the latest in water bottle styles proves this one sip at a time.

The runner’s water bottle, or wrist wattle bottle, leaves a hole in the middle of the bottle, making it easy to hold while running. Beyond being just useful, sleek designs make you look like a pro who re-hydrates rather than drinks.

Also, if carrying a bag is too much, a water bottle holster can provide an easy handle for holding while running and at the same time pockets and pouches for keys and phones.

Upgrade to Chic

For those who want next-level fashion in their workouts, there are options for all standard accessories to become chic.

Skipping ropes don’t have to be the plain ones from school or found in most gyms. Today, you can go back to the classic retro look with light wooden handles and white speckled rope or push fashion-forward with chrome or gold-handled smart ropes.

Foam rollers are experiencing a boom too with untold varieties of colors, patterns, and designs making their way onto the scene. Now double rollers, with their matching colors and designs, make your post-workout roll an attractive affair.

The Final Touch

Ultimately you should wear your accessories, not the other way around. Take one or two items to make a statement or add color to your fitness wardrobe, but don’t overdo it. It’s easy to forget that fitness fashion exists to help add personality, not eclipse the workout itself.

Accessorizing also doesn’t need to break the bank; a few well-chosen pieces can bring more than a whole wardrobe of high-end gear. So with that, find out what you are missing from your summer fitness fashion and accessories to exercise!