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The adorable Suri Cruise gives fantastic style ideas in cute kids clothing pieces

Kids are no more left behind in global fashion scene it seems, as the little celeb stars are continuously making public appearances in the most fashionable avatars! Inspiring the moms to dress up their little ones in similar way , Suri Cruise, the adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has flabbergasted us with the best looks and this is the reason she is always in the headlines these days. Doing justice to her uber-stylish parents,  having an enviable wardrobe , she is also helping the leading wholesale kids clothing manufacturers in USA to come up with new ideas to craft clothes for the little girls!

From having a penchant for great shoes, to changings looks in a galore of style quotients, she is definitely a legend  of fashion  in the making!  Katies Holmes has even basked in the pride of her daughter saying she trusts her when it comes to picking up the best clothes!

Her furry story

Furs anyway look great on kids, and Suri knows how to perfect this art! She was encountered by the media once running on the streets as she as clad in a blue and white maxi skirt with a blue top, and the cream fur long coat. Her silver ballet flats complemented her look, and no less than a diva , we tell you!

Mommy’s girl

Attending the Broadway show with her beautiful mom, the camera followed them to find out the little one dressed in pink! Her hooded puffer pink jacket  with pink velvety leggings and beige ankle boots looked uber cute and added to her prettiness!

Playful poise

The little diva was  spotted in a an off shoulder sky black and white floral summer dress with a pink hairband to go with! This sundress looked gorgeous and cute on her as she played around with jollity!

The fun cycle rides!

Seems she loves adventure! Yes , while indulging into some fun in cycle ride, Suri look casually dapper in a grey subtle printed short sleeve short dress, with contrasting red ballet flats to add the much required color pop!

No less than a fairy!

Her fairy like look made news as she visited the Museum of Modern Arts in a whitish-blue ruffle dress  sandals and headband! Amazingly dressed, this is one of her cutest looks in the long term!

Clad in orange

One sunny and bright color as orange is, Suri proved why kids must try out orange to reflect their vibrant side! She walked with her parents in an A-line loose fitted casual bright orange dress, couple with cherry red ballet flat shoes!

Smiles and more smiles

She carried her bright sunny smile  with the dotting dad Tom Cruise , in a white and blue ruffled knee-length dress, and teamed this with a grey cardigan! Who said cardigans in neutral colors are not made for  the little ones?

Twisted her dress

She added some novelty to her white and blue short length polka dotted dress , as she teamed it with the bright pink tights, greenish grey jacket , and the metallic silver ballet flats! Mothers must make their kids wear dresses in this way to try out something different for a change!

Lipstick works!

This little one is a mistress in make-up too! She carried a touch of lipstick as she wore a navy blue crochet dress, and added a pink bowler hat for the most incredibly good ensemble!

Thus, this way she is even offering new insights to the reputed dropshippers USA & Australia companies on what is trending in kids clothing genre!