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Create The Most Badass Style Statements In Men’s Hoodies This Winter

Be it a zip up or the pullover, your wardrobe is simply not complete without a comfy hoodie, especially during winters. The hooded sweatshirts and jackets can be relied on again and again, and work great to solve any sort of fashion woe. A well planned ensemble can easily be created with a hoodie, if you have matching accessories to go with. Even the most boring and out of style clothes can be turned trendy with the aid of versatile hoodies!

The hoodies can be easily incorporated in everyday clothes, and men love to carry off these funky outerwears. These hoodies can easily be transitioned from gym to parties, and hence they form an integral part of a man’s closet. The leading hoodie manufacturers USA understand the craze behind the hooded jackets and sweatshirts, and hence try their best to bring in new styles, colors and designs for the hoodie lovers.

This winter, time to create some of the most badass and funky looks in the smart and sporty hoodies.

The sporty look

Do you prefer to look casual, laid back and love wearing the loose fitted clothes? Then the sporty hoodie will give you a desired silhouette easily. Be stay athleisure-ready and pair your pullover or zip-up hoodie with a plain white or black t-shirt, a pair of fitted joggers, and matching sneakers. Choose a cool hoodie in a neutral color, gray is a popular option—for an easy, relaxed look and you can also opt for more common shades like black or white.

Smart layerings

Want to make your layering game super strong? Adopt a casual look in layers without being sloppy at all. Get the put-together look by throwing the smart utility jacket in navy, green, khaki, or gray or a vintage brown bomber jacket for a casual, trendy look, with a hooded sweatshirt. Add this layered look to skinny jeans and masculine boots. You can also enhance the funk of this attire with a basketball cap as an accessory!

Sexy in leather

If you love the edgy and pink looks, even then the hooded jacket or sweatshirt suits you totally. Get the kickass edge by pairing a black or gray pullover hoodie with a leather jacket for a sleek, punky look. The combination of dark wash biker jeans and black combat boots to complete your outfit. Thea aviators can complete your look with class!

Preppy stance

If you want to look preppy, you need to combine hooded sweatshirt or jacket with more fitted clothes. Try unusual designs, colors and styles of a new hoodie, and never shy away from trying something new. Match the new tight fitted hoodie with a pair of khaki pants or, if weather permits, shorts and light brown boat shoes. Also, if it is too chilly outside, the fitted denim jacket can also be thrown on top.

Urban touch

Get the required urban aesthetics for your look in your favorite pullover hoodie with a pair of joggers and big, brown boots. The sleek bomber jacket in a neutral shade can completely refinish this particular look effortlessly. The beanie cap is must!

The leading mens wholesale clothing manufacturers are bringing in new types of hooded jackets and sweatshirts and this winter, you should grab the best pieces!