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Fashion Aesthetics To Amp Up Your Personal Style Game!

In the massive world of fashion, personal style wouldn’t exist if everyone dressed the same way. While trends may come and go like the waves of the ocean, there’s always a mix of styles reigning at the top. The best part is you can interchange your attires in the aesthetic looks of the same style.

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So, read on the blog below to know more about the coolest aesthetics perfect for transforming your personal style.

Early 2000’s

The Y2K trend has slowly made its way back into the fashion scene, and women are actually embracing it. While today’s outfits inspired by the era may not be exact replicas of the looks Paris Hilton donned in their time, the modern takes on velour and baguette bags are definitely going to be a winner. Think about the low waisted jeans, glittery bags for the starters!


Cottagecore may have held a reign during this past summer, but period pieces like Emma and Bridgerton brought a more royal take to the style scene with corsets, pearl accessories, and lots of airy dresses fit for a stroll in a garden. Many manufacturers mastered this romantic style with their use of dramatic volume and romantic prints fit for any girl wanting to pretend they’re the diamond of the season.

Mystic glam

When Euphoria first hit the TV screens in 2019, the risky fashion and stand-out makeup looks were all you saw across the internet. In fact two years past, there’s still a fascination with the style the show has created, with many of today’s top trends resembling anything Maddy Perez would wear, from cutout pants and matching glitter sets to crop tops and fishnets. If you’re a risky dresser, you’ll fit right into the crew.

Minimal French affaire

Do you live near Paris? Doesn’t matter, you can still relate to the minimal style that has been associated with the French girl. From streamlined blazers to minimal jewelry, the style centers itself in a classic wardrobe with pieces that are not only chic and forward but also versatile.

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