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Fashionable Costume Ideas for Halloween

The crisp fall season has already filled the air with the musky smell of pumpkins and apples which means Halloween is here! So, if you haven’t already planned your Halloween costume, yet then it’s time you do so!

If October 31st is your favorite day of the year, then we have come up with some costume ideas that will definitely help make your day!

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Given in the blog below are some of the coolest fashionable yet practical costume ideas that are perfect for flaunting on a spooky weekend.

Squid Game

If you ain’t binge-watching squid game, then what on earth are you doing? The hit K-drama has taken the internet by storm, so no wonder this is the perfect time to sport a green tracksuit as your Halloween costume. You can find the best athleisure tracksuits in the signature green hue that can be worn with a statement white van and a classic neutral-colored tee to complete the look.

Sex and The City

There are actually five characters in Sex and The City if you consider New York as a character. So, huddle up your friend group because each one of you will be playing the SATC buddies and one of you will be the magnificent city. Channel your inner Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte this Halloween and dress up as the fashionable New Yorkers.

The ’70s

If you love the 70’s which most of us totally do, then this is a great opportunity for you to pull off the Gen X-inspired look. You can take some inspiration from the hit show Big Little Lies, to exactly know how to pull off the 70’s style with panache. It’s time to get groovy and transform into the disco vibe with beaded thick headbands, gogo boots, colorful eye makeup, etc.

Gossip Girl

With the Gossip Girl already here, it’s time to take a break from the sticky casual attire and adorn the premium preppy outfits of the Upper Eastsiders. Look for clothing comprising of white collared shirts, dark-colored, plaid skirts, stockings, blazers, etc.

The Ghostbusters

If dressing up like a Stranger Things character is a passe then we guess you won’t mind donning the beige jumpsuit and a proton pack that will make you ready to suck up all the ghouls and ghosts?

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