Hot Yoga Trends to Try Out In 2016

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Hot Yoga Trends to Try Out In 2016

At present, it seems like everyone is doing yoga and it is not just for the health benefits offered by this practice but also for their own enjoyment. Given this surge of popularity for this practice, yogis everywhere are trying hard to put a spunky spin to yoga and give a new lease of life to this traditional practice. 2016 has seen a number of yoga trends but there are few that are simply too cool not to try! Take a look at some of the exciting yoga practices that you should enroll yourself for, right away.

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Downward Dog is Not Challenging Anymore? Try Yoga Sculpt!

Doing the same thing gets repetitive. Easy, even. If your yoga practice lacks that challenge and thrill you used to look forward to as a beginner, then try putting some weights into the poses. Yoga sculpt not only helps to amp up metabolism but it also builds extra lean muscle mass. You would have to pay very close attention to your form and technique and hence, it goes without saying that you need to stock up on the right type of yoga clothing that are created with yoga practitioners with mind offering the right amount of stretch, featuring seamless technology for a form-fitting silhouette and moisture wicking capabilities.

Snowga is the New Yoga!

Winter is just around the corner. Why not start this winter by giving snowga a try? As you must have guessed from the name itself, it requires you to perform under freezing conditions. If you love skiing, you will especially benefit from this practice since it was started to boost the confidence and skills of skiers when on the snow! You need to bundle up in the warmest of jackets to brave the chilly weather conditions! Check out the online stores to purchase cozy jackets that are warm yet lightweight and available at pocket-friendly prices.

Power Yoga has been made famous by celebrities but there are other yoga trends worth trying too! There are so many options from aerial to underwater that you are sure to find a practice that suits you. Switch up your yoga wardrobe to truly make your practice both fun and practice!