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How To Pull Off A Summer Of Back To The Future Fashion?

For the summer of this year, we are throwing it way back! As we all know fashion is a cyclical concept and to everyone’s surprise is all about pulling off the most fashionable yesteryear’s outfits. These are what vintage sartorial looks like.

The retro appeal missed with modern cuts is the perfect way to accentuate your personal style. If business owners are wondering “where can I buy bulk vintage women’s outfits? Guess you are at the right place.

Read on the blog below for more fashion inspiration.

  • If not already you will soon start noticing your social media flooded with fashion people pulling off printed silk scarves tops around their torsos. Taken inspiration from the ‘70s, a decade in which silk scarves were a thing. If you are not really to experiment with the out there looks, then adorn a nude full-sleeved tee and layer it with the silk top to complete the look.

  • Vests or waist-coasts, call it whatever you want are back ad is taking over the suiting trend. Women are creating statement drool-worthy looks that comprise dark academia inspired monochromatic looks with the vests. You can always incorporate your own style and come up with something that is you yet reflects the vintage elegant style.

  • Clothing is not the only fashion element that has made a comeback. Speaking of accessories, tinted glasses are here to help women see the world through sepia-colored glasses. Vintage much! You can find the summer-appropriate colors in yellows, tangerine, rosy red, blues, the list is unending, to be honest.

  • It’s time for grandma-core fashion. If a print looks like it’s borrowed from your granny’s curtains or bed sheets, then it’s perfect. Think about vintage florals, leafy prints, paisley, and even geometric patterns which has subtle touches of feminine colors. This aesthetic will definitely look amazing for the warmer days of the year, especially when you lay on a hammock under the shade of the tree, sipping lemonade and devouring Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

  • A retro-inspired fashion list will never be complete without the 80’s puffy dress. Think about big and shaggy hairstyle, blue eye-shadow glossy lips, and loads of blush. The 89’s era fashion was all about going OTT with silhouettes, colors, and accessories which by far has not yet found any contender in the modern fashion aesthetics.

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