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The Large, Growing and Untapped Market of Kids’ Yoga Clothing

Did you know, in 2012, about 1.3 million kids in the USA practiced yoga? Guess how many of these 4 to 17 years do yoga in 2016? The number is probably doubled- given more people know about this practice today; we celebrated the first-ever International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015.

If you’re a clothing business owner that deals in fitness wear, there’s a large untapped consumer market for you to capitalize on. Start wholesaling yoga wears for kids. Top wholesale kids’ clothing suppliers are already at the scene, offering many custom and high-quality varieties of yoga wears for these little ones.

Nothing too fancy; keeping it sweet and simple

Of many things you need to remember when buying kids’ yoga wears is to keep your wholesale sweet and simple- nothing too fancy. Parents would spend less on these yoga clothes considering their overall longevity is usually short.

So stick with the standard varieties available at the wholesale kids’ clothing suppliers.

Yoga pants for girls and boys

While moderate-fit leggings or shorts are perfect for girls, loose trousers work well for boys. Ensure the color variation of these wholesale yoga pants is light and simple; sky blue, fading pink, and yellow are the safe zones.

Yoga tops for girls and boys

In the tops department, for girls, simple tank tees or hoodies are perfect; while for boys, half and full-sleeved yoga tees are more demanded. The same rule of color and design applies even here- keep it minimal and standard.

Be strictly careful in the quality department

Although quality is always prioritized in the kids’ clothing niche, when dealing with yoga and wholesale gym wear for these little ones, one should be even more careful and considerate. Since the sessions would normally be of low intensity, an organic cotton-poly blend is always preferable over 80/20 poly-spandex. The tees and pants must be light in weight, with high ventilation properties.

Keep all the above-mentioned pointers in mind when purchasing your wholesale and tap on the large, growing, and not-so-competitive market of kids’ yoga wears easily. Dial a good wholesale kids clothing manufacturer today.