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Learn The Latest Lingerie Trends That Every Girl Should Know

It’s undeniable that what you wear underneath your clothes holds the same importance as your outer apparel. This means that maintaining your style by knowing the latest lingerie trends is the most efficient solution you can choose. Knowing the lingerie trends is important to select the appropriate lingerie for your need. Many of us even don’t know that wearing the right lingerie has health benefits too.

Though lingerie is a necessity for each of us, the majority of us don’t know the latest trends in this clothing genre. Hence, we are going to discuss some latest lingerie trends that would help you to buy the right one for your need. So bookmark this super informative lookbook and upgrade your wardrobe with any of this superb lingerie collection. Contact top clothing wholesalers in Australia to get an attractive collection of lingerie.


The first major category of trending lingerie is bralette which is super comfortable, praiseworthy and extra supportive all year round. With its sexy appeal and incredible support, the bralette is now become the hot favourite of many girls. Bralette is a superb option if you want your lingerie to be poking out of your apparel. Some women even wear them as shirts. Still, it won’t make them feel that they don’t wear proper dress. This is because of the convenience of the bralette.

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Strappy Lingerie

The next noteworthy type of lingerie is strappy lingerie. Unlike bralettes, strappy lingerie is in trend for a while. But in recent times, the usage of strappy lingerie has notably increased like never before. Straps are always in style and thus never go out of fashion. Strappy lingerie is nothing but a combination of two trends bralettes and matching bikini. Strappy lingerie is soft, comfortable, offers an appealing look and includes classic lace.

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Sports Bra

When we are talking about trending lingerie, how can we not mention the name of sports bras? A sports bra is a special sort of lingerie that the majority of women use for offering incredible shape and support. Many women use these bras for running or doing work seamlessly without any stoppage. The most fascinating aspect of a sports bra is it is available in numerous sizes at most reputed private-label clothing manufacturers in Australia.

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High-Waist Panty

If you ask what is the most trending lingerie nowadays, the answer would be the only high-waist panty. High-waist panties are available in multiple colours, designs and sizes, each of them can offer a glamorous sexy style. These panties have a cool retro look and they offer full coverage. High-waist panties can be paired extremely well with a regular bra, bralette or sports bra.

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Printed Lobes

Another fascinating lingerie that is very attending nowadays is nothing but printed lobes. Now you may think how printed lobes can be listed as appealing lingerie. Appealing doesn’t always mean showing off much, you can look sexy by wearing a lingerie item like printed lobes. What makes these printed lobes an extraordinary piece of lingerie is their playful look. For this reason, you can try printed lobes as a twist to make people understand that trending lingerie doesn’t only mean sheer and lace.

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So these are a short overview of the top 5 trending lingerie which you can buy from clothing manufacturers. Lingerie is a part of clothes that always gets neglected by most people. But with the help of this article, you can truly realise the current trends in the lingerie sector.