Make Your Wardrobe Worth a Million Bucks With These Men's Clothing Pieces!

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Make Your Wardrobe Worth a Million Bucks With These Men’s Clothing Pieces!

A gentleman’s wardrobe is not at all an easy thing to make and it takes years, sometimes even decades to complete one. The reason is because striking a balance in a man’s wardrobe is hard and doing it can take time.

In this blog, we are going to help you create  a wardrobe with help from mens wholesale clothing distributors in a far less time consuming manner. Want to know how to make it happen?

Keep reading and getting wardrobe that will stand the test of time will come pretty easy.

Let’s take a look at what you need –

Getting the shoe right

Whoever said ‘shoes maketh a man’ was not kidding and there is no better time to see this reality than now. Having a perfect shoe collection can do wonders to man’s wardrobe, because it is in fact one of the few ornamentations that most men value.

The trick in this case is to balance as many possible genres as you can find – starting from casual to business, clubbing shoes, sports shoes, gym shoes, and running shoes. You could also throw in a limited edition sneakers if you are fond of those things.

There are numerous other variations to keep in mind as well. Like what is the formal shoe of your choice? Monk straps, brogues, or oxfords? You can find definitive shoe buying and use guides on several men’s lifestyle channels in YouTube and it is definitely going to give your wardrobe a fix!

Watches win matches…

At least as far as men’s fashion is concerned!

Watches are one of the most definitive things in a man’s wardrobe and one must have a choice for all kinds of occasions. Understanding which watch is suitable for what kind of a place and what attire is a learning task in itself.

First, start with the different types – digital smart watches, leather strap analogs, sports and weather proof watches, luxury metal band watches, and maybe even a pop color.

Now, flip through a few fashion magazines and see how the cover models are pairing their watches with the attire – that’s where all the learning will come from. Leather straps are formal, yet easy going and could be good for meeting at your club, a game of golf, and the likes.

Luxury watches are a whole other ball game and can fit in with anything from business suits to whatever the top polo shirt manufacturers USA can give you. Keep adding more to this pool of knowledge and most your wardrobe will get a complete makeover – courtesy, the right watch!

Getting your jackets right

Another clothing apparel that could totally transform even the basest apparels in your wardrobe is the jacket. There are linen jackets, leather jackets, sports jackets, tweed jackets, flannel jackets, and so much more.

You can have one or two of each and that will cover all of wardrobe – adding an extra layer to each and making it look a lot better.

Now, that you know what can make your wardrobe a million bucks, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a retailer and get shopping – but try not to spend a million bucks!