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Now Know All the Styles of Polo Shirt and Get Summer Ready

From a plain base layer to a dress shirt substitute, today we are pointing out a few major distinctions based on style approaches, all of which give off a sense of timelessness for the polo.

Let’s see if we can persuade you with the importance of a polo shirt for this summer.

The polo shirt is a symbol of preppy fashion, but you are missing out on several sartorial chances if you think that’s all it is. The iconic polo is in reality extremely versatile, it can be dressed down or up to fit the occasion, as long as you avoid anything with a huge, loud logo or big numbers on the back.

Linen polo shirts

In case cotton is not your thing and you like a more laid-back look then go for linen. Most polo shirt manufacturer is now deciding to make more polo shirts from linen. Team up your linen polo shirt with a pair o linen trousers or simply wear them with a pair of white chinos.

Knitted polo shirts

Channeling the heroes, James Dean et al, Steve McQueen, the knitted polo seem that little bit more luxury these days, made with a jacquard weave to give the shirt additional depth. The retro type, with a tinier, revere fashion collar, is sported bit roomier, but kept in the form with ribbed hem and sleeves, giving back a proper fit, where it matters, on the waist and arms.

Through-out neutrals go with the knitted polo well, the texture functioning as a contrast with tonal navy appearances, for instance. Elsewhere, a leather jacket pushes the vintage biker into gear, the gleaming animal skin a good contrast over the lush, soft knit. Besides, it is an amazing winter alternative, particularly in long sleeves.

Iconic cotton polo shirts

If in hesitation, you stick with organic fibers of cotton. It is ideal for the summer days or even night outs with your lady friend. The lightweight breathable polo shirt will remain crease-free and can be found in almost every shade under the sun.

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