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Plus Women Busting Myths On Conventional Clothing

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

Have you heard it too many times, ‘if you are big, hide it with loose clothes’,  and  now want to break the stereotyping on plus size clothing? You can effortlessly prove your point this time because the global wholesalers and designers are with you. They have launched  the astounding collection of plus size apparels, reinventing the plus size women’s fashion concept. You don’t need to necessarily wear the  roomy dresses until you want to. The body-skimming clothes perform brilliantly in hiding the additional pounds.

plus size womens clothing

Here are the top three dress the will set a new rule in the game of plus size women  clothing

Wedding Dress

In search for a dream wedding gown it is quite obvious to turn into a bridezilla. It has to fit and complement a body type ideally.  The manufacturers offer unbelievable options of customization when making a wedding gown. No more are wedding gowns in white alone. The crimson red, the royal blue and other hues look auspiciously good for wedding gown.  Choose your color and consider your body type and buying a wedding gown will be an exciting challenge.  A sweetheart neckline that goes off-shoulder and back open, with the fall of the dress that is extended with a long tail complements a voluptuous figure. Also to bring the proportion and curtail little bit of the plump wearer can consider gowns that has firm around waist while graduates like a pyramid loosening in pleats.

Corporate Dress

Another important wardrobe worry that goes week long are the corporate dresses. There are amazing range of bright color corporate wears and dresses that come in body silhouetting fit for the plus women and they look  exceptionally gorgeous. A peplum top with body con bottom can emphasize the curves brilliantly. The manufacturers have a huge inventory , try them out and set a new trend!

Perfect plus size dresses for women understanding the different body type

Apple body type

This body type is mostly round all over, wherein the waist is wider than the hips and the shoulders. This full figured shape is also known as the inversed triangle, where in breast,  face and neck are in full size. This body type needs a dress that emphasizes the hip and legs mostly, since most of weight is in the upper body. One should consider choosing fabric that get looser on the stomach mostly silk and cotton.

Pear body type

These curvaceous women have heavier bottom with sleeker upper half.  Wearer must therefore choose dresses that concentrates on the upper part of the body taking away the focus from the broader bottom. So your main idea will be to draw attention to the narrow neck and shoulder region. The halter style will be a great choice in this case. The strapless and the spaghetti will work great as well. The empire fit for the bottoms will flatter the waistline ideally that will put more attention on the shoulders and the bust.

Hourglass body type

This is the type of body most women wish to own. With a proportioned body, women with this figure can have medium to large bust and hips and the waist in  this case is almost 10 inches smaller than the upper and the bottom curves. It is comparatively easier to shape this body type. A fitted dresses that will emphasize on the narrow waist will be a eye-arresting.  Plus size dresses that comes in belted styles or wrap dresses and tie waist are the good options.  Also the V and U-neck pushes the focus back to the flatter waist, simply creating an elongating illusion.