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Real Wishes That Real Women Wish About Sports Clothes Trends

As has been observed by millions of women all over the world, fitness clothing trends these days have been setting almost impossible standards for real women to keep up with. Infinite girls even in their early teens are equating the idea of being healthy with being no more than size two or zero; the lesser the better. Curves are dreaded and are often followed by mindless prejudice, examples of which are overwhelmingly crowding various social media platforms.  In fact, the craze has taken to such an extent that girls these days prefer choosing the route to anorexia to developing a healthy outlook towards fitness.

The question is what exactly can be done differently to bring about necessary changes in mindsets? At this moment, besides the efforts of psychologists and health experts, real women have been expressing their wishes about sports clothing more openly, which can have a direct impact on the cause and that too in a very positive manner…

  • Longer options that don’t reveal it all – Firstly, sports clothing manufacturers, in general, should take it into account to manufacture longer and more comfortable options than skimpier varieties that are gaining rapid popularity. Private labels and known brands on the other hand should advertise these options enough to make it very clear to prospective wearers that fitness happens irrespective of shape or size. For all you know, you can be size 14 yet, could be far fitter than an average size 2 or 4.

  • Prints that would do its bits to shape up – Real women who don’t live up to the impossible standards set by glossy pages always expect prints and color combinations that can do their bit to hide imperfections. Wholesale clothing manufacturers these days can be seen to take the matter very seriously by offering a plethora of color-block and camouflage options.

  • Flexible yet textured fabric that would not accentuate imperfections – Textured fabric is one of the best ways to counter imperfections like heavy cellulite or un-toned muscles in the lower body. Making these options available can bring more real women out of their homes to head confidently towards their gyms or fitness studios.

  • Real women advertising for fitness wear in billboards – This is one of the steps that still need to be embraced by bigger brands and labels. It is necessary to advertise real women on billboards to bring about the level of motivation that is necessary to kick start fitness routines in the first place. Some brands have already introduced models who defy the usual poster girl body statistics that are otherwise considered strictly essential.

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