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Sartorial Jeans to Invest In For a Complete Wardrobe

According to fashion statistics, three of every five women are denim lovers. In fact, Kate Middleton loves her pair of skinny jeans. Jeans trends are like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Each time there is something new, which is practical yet stylish.

Therefore to surprise, the retail customers with an exclusive wholesale assortment, one of the popular bulk wholesale clothing suppliers have come up with a trendy collection of women’s jeans.

Therefore, let’s find out more about the sartorial denim pants women should invest in for a complete wardrobe.

Baggy Jeans

Take a cue from supermodel Kendal Jenner, baggy jeans reflect an extremely laid-back look. This is the polar opposite of skinny jeans, however, has gained a lot of appreciation amongst the Millenials simply because of its comfort factor as well as effortless style. Style your baggy jeans with a satin white shirt and a black and gold buckled belt to create the perfect day-out look.

Skinny Jeans 2.0

These jeans are essentially a hybrid of skinny and straight-cut jeans. In fact, women who are petite or have a rectangular body type can adorn these jeans to accentuate their waistline and thighs. You can either wear it with your favorite summer cropped top or simply throw in an athleisure tee to complete the outfit.

High Rise

The high-rise jeans are here to rule the fashion scene for this year. If you’re a lover of vintage clothing pieces, then you should definitely invest in this pair of sartorial goodness available in different shades of blue. Dress it up with a cami top or simply wear it with your favorite vintage shirt with sepia floral detailing, the high-rise jeans are definitely here to stay.

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