How To Style The Polo Shirt For The Season

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How To Style The Polo Shirt For The Season

You’ll be surprised to know how easy it is to go disastrously wrong with a polo shirt. To be honest, the humble polo shirt has the power to make or break an outfit. With the summer season vastly approaching, don’t immediately buy the polo shirt that you see in the first instance. You need to have a detailed knowledge of the correct piece and how to pair it with other apparel. There’s a fine line between looking cool or like a tool. Important factors like the size, shape and many other things will allow you to select the correct piece to create an amazing ensemble.

Given here a few tips that will allow you to style the polo shirt with various versatile pieces. You can also get quality certified shirts at the collection of private label wholesale clothing manufacturers.

  • Thanks to millennials, the polo shirt has become one of the choicest pieces to create a casual look. Long gone are the days when polo made you look drab and simply. Now with the various prints that are available in the market, you can definitely pair a polo shirt with jeans and converse to create a fun look. If you want to create a layered look then denim jacket will do the trick.

  • Polo shirts can be used to create a smart attire too. All you need is a bit of styling skill to create the look. Try wearing the polo shirt with a summer suit and matching oxford shoes. These can also be tweaked and worn with trousers and boots. Great for the summer as it gives off pleasant vibes, especially if you choose to wear sunny colors.

  • Sometimes we all love to try something rebel, especially when it comes to parties or even the late-night outs with friends. Hence, try a black leather jacket, vintage is better. For the pant, ripped denim jeans is better to complete the look. Make sure to keep the polo shirt in a darker color. For the shoes you can either opt to go monochromatic or wear something bright and startling.

  • This outfit idea is very much of a summer-oriented look. Sometimes you have to make the polo shirt a part of loungewear looks as well. In this case, joggers are a great combination to be worn with polo shirts. For the shoes, select converse or even sneakers as these are the icons of the athleisure look.

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