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Sustainable Trends That Are Eclipsing The Fashion Industry

The effects of climate change are becoming visible by the day. Forest fires are threatening the homes of human beings at large. Flash floods are ravaging prominent cities including those touted as fashion capitals. Global pandemics are canceling fashion shows and more. With this, the need for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion choices is being hailed as the new norm.

If the Met Gala 2022 was any indication, celebs are digging this new trend and fashion designers are more than happy to embrace this change. Additionally, to keep the wheels of sustainable fashion moving, we can do our bit, too. Just by promoting some of the popular sustainable trends that are slowly eclipsing the fashion industry, we can turn the wheels for a better tomorrow.

If you are a retailer or a private label business owner reading this, remember to pick some sustainable clothing options, when looking for the most reputed among wholesale clothing manufacturers, for your bulk orders.

Read on to know the latest sustainable fashion trends.

The Rise Of Thrift Fashion

The trend of buying pre-loved clothes has been around for some time now. However, it has picked up pace this year.

With celebrities showing off their thrift and pre-loved looks, the blow-up of shopping sites online that specializes in thrifted fashion, and more, markets are flooded with requests from customers for thrift fashion options.

This sustainability trend aims to promote the reduction of fabric waste which is a huge burden on the planet, and with social media influencers jumping on the bandwagon, this trend is only going higher!

Minimalism Is On The Rise

With Kim Kardashian’s home tour setting the tone for the minimalism trend, its ripples have touched the fashion industry, too. Today, fashion stylists are promoting basic pieces that can be paired and worn with multiple outfits, rather than statement and fashionable pieces that can be worn only once or twice.

This trend is also a result of the need for clutter-free living in tiny urban spaces promoted by the famous Marie Kondo series.

If you are a business owner looking for New York wholesale clothing suppliers for a bulk order of the latest trends, make sure you choose some basic pieces. These pieces are hot-sellers and will be a delight for your customers looking for clothing options that they can pair with a lot of their outfits.

Rise Of The Rental

There are some clothes that people only use once or twice, like an outfit they wear to a wedding or an evening dress for a formal event, etc. On such occasions, buying a dress is always a costly affair. With the rise of the trend for rentals, people now have the option to choose glamorous options that they can rent for the event and return. This saves people a ton of their money and closet space too. Naturally, this trend has many takers, and designers are embracing it with open arms.

Eco-Friendly Fabrics

With the rise of the climate-conscious trend, both, designers and customers, are choosing eco-friendly fabrics for their clothing options. Plus, the eco-friendly fabric options like cotton, vegan silk, hemp fabrics, and more, are skin-friendly too. Since these are natural fabrics, when taken good care of, they last for a long time. A win, for both the planet and you!

If you are a retailer or private label business owner reading this, make sure you choose sustainable and premium-quality fabrics for your bulk order of wholesale polo shirts or any fashion choices that you make in terms of clothing for men, women, or kids. Pick a reputed private label clothing supplier with a vast catalog that gets updated from time to time. That way you can choose from a large number of premium options lighting your customers. Contact the helpdesk, if you have queries or any special customization needs, and place your bulk orders now!

Taking these sustainability trends forward are some of our favorite celebrities and fashion labels. They are not shying away from showing off their thrift, recycled, rented, or other sustainable fashion choices, and becoming the change bearers for a more climate-conscious tomorrow.

On that note, we hope this read inspires you to pick more sustainable clothing options, and together, hand in hand, we can surely build a better tomorrow.

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