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T Shirt Trends That Will Never Become Obsolete

If humans loved each other as much as their t shirts, the world would actually be a peaceful place to live in! At this very minute, if you take a sneak peek at the wardrobe of any odd individual whether man or woman, you are likely to come across a certain t shirt that has been evolving with the individual through years together. Based on the verdict of people aged 21 to 50, here are certain t shirt trends that may never get obsolete…

The good old grey round necks –

Grandpa used to love it from his hay days to his riper years; dad still loves it and generation 3 carries the trend forward. It can be said simply as a closet without a grey t shirt is severely lacking in tradition. This is perhaps the reason why t shirt manufacturers are never tired of producing the same by the bulk.

Chop off the sleeves –

We have all done it at some point of our lives! Running a pair of scissors through the sleeve line is the best way to give a drab T shirt an instant face lift.

The lazy knot –

Denim styles may have changed from high waist to mid-waist to low to extreme lows… but a knot on your favorite boyfriend t shirt on top of it remains the same. As has been expressed by the lovers of knots, the subdued romantic aura that a single t shirt knot possesses has the power to resonate through generations. And yes… it actually has!

Funny writings – 

Humor and motivation are a part of the human system. The more you see it on t shirts, the happier you are likely to be. Wholesale clothing distributors from the world over feel that their primary focus has been fixed on t shirts with funny writings considering the overwhelming demand that has remained as constant in the market. Things are expected to stay the same for years to come.

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