The Major Trends In Women's Fashion For This Year

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The Major Trends In Women’s Fashion For This Year

Women’s fashion is the most talked-about and lucrative segment of all genders, niches and demographics. The women’s fashion industry in a billion-dollar behemoth which is shaped everyday by trends set by style icons, fashion brands, wholesale womens clothing distributors, retailers and runway showcases around the world. The streets also have a lot of bearing in dictating the top women’s fashion as they influence purchasing habits and not only do they show the future but hint amply towards what’s on-trend right now. You not just have to follow the top style icons on the internet and the news but also keep your ears to the streets to keep your wardrobe up-to-date.

The streets and all players in the industry seem to have spoken for the class of 2019 and fashion weeks all over the world right from Paris and Milan to London and New York have set the standard of the trends of the class of 2019. These are the top five street style trends that are likely to remain relevant all through 2019 and you’d do well for your wardrobe to add them to your shopping cart, NOW!

Bike Shorts

Keeping with the athleisure trend which shows no signs of stopping, bike shorts are expected to be in vogue all through 2019, especially when teamed with blazers. A little unique but also unquestionably stylish, bike shorts with blazers have been seen being worn by many style icons around the world. A fine combination of sportswear and tailoring, the look is extremely appealing and definitely goes a long way in grabbing the eyeballs. It’s needless to say that this is definitely not appropriate for either the office or the gym, but it seems ideal and in major fashion trend to hit the streets in.

Boiler Suits

Not just fashionable but also equally functional, boiler suits have been spotted in all their glory in all the major fashion cities. Boiler suits may have had humble beginnings when they were used as a one-piece protective garment for manual labor, but they have exponentially evolved and score very high on the fashion quotient these days. Especially long-sleeved boiler suits are all the fashion rage right now and you should join the bandwagon by picking the cut and color that suits you best.

Lavender Tones

It may have been ultra violet for the class of 2018 but this year it appears safe to support lavender for the win. The lavender family has a rocking variety of shades and style icons have voted unanimously for the same especially light purple. Right from boots to dresses to coats, these colors really had a lovely touch to the overall look. Subtle yet exciting, go lavender for the win!

Bucket Hats

One trend that is well and truly back and all likely to stay in vogue for quite some time ahead are bucket hats. The must have accessory from the 90’s is back in all it’s glory for 2019 and this one should seriously be on your shopping cart if it isn’t already. Not only do they provide sun protection but also bring a lot of style and substance to the table making them perfect for weekend ensembles. Plain, patterned or emblazoned with logos, it’s safe to say that you just can’t go wrong with buckets this year and they can be effortlessly teamed up with dresses, slouchy suits, overalls, and more.


Straight out of fashion oblivion, this one has evolved from being a craft that seniors were invested in to becoming the latest fashion trend for the millennial woman. It has been widely spotted during fashion shows in the major fashion capitals of the world and patchwork has been spotted on dresses to jumpsuits to pants and much more. Contrasting pieces of fabric are combined together to created something magical that scores extremely high on the fashion quotient with very high chances of attracting the eyeballs.

7/8 Length

The hottest trend for women’s leggings is set to be the 7/8 length leggings. Something that can worn effortlessly from the studio to the street will continue to be the major trend just like the last year. The 7/8 sourced from leggings manufacturers or retailers is expected to be one of the most prevalent silhouettes since it’s the perfect road between full length and capri, making it perfect for any time of year or any workout.