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Types of Ballet Dance Outfits Crafted By the Leading Sports Apparel Manufacturers

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By Alanic

Comfortable, fitting and flattering are probably the three features which complete a dance costume, especially when it is ballet dance which involves immense body movement and flexibility. Dancing is also considered as one of the sports and hence the fabric used and the way the clothes are manufactured are same any other sport which the leading sports apparel manufacturers incorporate. Ballet, a Russian dance form involves stretchability and swiftness of the body muscles, thus it is the clothes which give the most comfortable stance in terms of elevating the level of your performance. There are traditional pieces of costumes which are associated with this dance form , but you can get astounding range of fabrics, colors, cuts, and shapes to suit your personal requirements.

Though clothes needed for practice sessions and stage shows differ, still we will get you covered with the types of ballet clothes introduced by the sport clothes manufacturers, which are must for any lady dancer :


Leotard is the basic item for ballet dancers , and they can range from being sleeveless, long sleeve and short sleeve and thin camisole sleeve is the one in vogue. The conventional neck style for leotards is round and wide, though today you will get to experiment with V-necks and halter neck styles too. Cotton, lycra, and microfiber are used to make them, which gives utmost flexibility to the dancer . Leotards have the merit of not requiring the support of any innerwear or bra.


Though rare and more expensive than leotards, unitards are one-piece garments which come with long legged and skin tight feature. If you do not want any skin show and feel uncomfortable in leotards, you have the full freedom to go for unitards.

Ballet tights and leggings

When it comes to the lowers worn in ballet, make sure they are made of soft and smooth fabric options to render utmost stretchability. They must be light weight to feel and must conform on utmost breathability.

Skirts, dresses, and tutus

They add poise and veneer to the unitards and leotards and act as a part of decorating your persona . Wear them but make sure the lace or the layers does not cause hindrance to your performance. Let them complement the base color of your leotard or unitard easily.

Simple tops and pants

For the classes and rehearsals , these simple tops and pants work wonders. Keep the tight fit so that instructors can check on your silhouette while dancing , and have a track on your movements easily.

Warm -ups

Leg warmers and knot cover ups like outerwears help while you are practising in chilly weather conditions. They also prevent any kind of jerk and injury.

Things to keep in mind :

The ballet outfits always have the tight fit and never go for the loose and slouchy ones which would restrict your flexibility and won’t flatter your figure.

1.Make sure to go for synthetic blend materials in lycra and nylon , so that you might get the utmost level of stretchability.

2.Make a point to go for the right size of clothes as the reputed sports clothes manufacturers craft them in many sizes and shapes.

3.The garments should be perfectly tailored and have no visible flaws in the form of seams and contour lines.

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