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What Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Has In Store for Its Members

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By Alanic

Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) is one of those mega-platforms that brings suppliers and distributors of promotional products to the largest possible buyer base. This however, is only an outline of the true advantages that this massive organization has in store for its members. Presently housing over 25000 global supplier and distributor firms as registered ASI members, this platform has been offering a wealth of benefits to each and every one of the latter to fulfill their elevated goals of gaining maximum exposure.

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The influence and impact of ASI has been amply evident in the growth percentage in average sale of advertising specialties over the past many decades. In 2014 itself, the sale percentage went up by 4.9% as compared with the records of 2013. While this is a factor amply motivating in itself, there is a host of other advantages that has been convincing more and more distributors and suppliers of advertising specialties to join ASI.

The primary advantage accessed by all ASI distributors and suppliers is with respect to the wealth of information and assistance extended by this platform to each and all. From catalogues to information directories, from websites and data bases to newsletters and magazines, there is everything that the members can make the most of. One of the most popular advantages extended by ASI are the marketing and selling tools as well as the interactive tools that brings out the best of even the newest players in the world of advertising specialties.

ASI suppliers are also seen to be at an advantage by having its products included automatically in the best sourcing tool in the industry which is accessed by over 32000 distributors from all over the world. Thus, the issue of visibility gets solved almost instantly after taking membership of ASI. The targeted marketing programs have also been viewed as a blessing by all members of ASI. Through this facility, the latter can promote their products and services through the print and digital products of ASI including magazines, catalogues, email blasts and many more.

For the benefits extended by this massive performance based platform, members can also additionally benefit from affordability of the entire deal. While the membership fees for ASI has been maintained at very affordable levels, members can make the most of discounts offered on business services made available by ASI’s affiliate companies. Things could actually not get any better than this for any promotional products suppliers and distributors.