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Why Tracksuits Are Dubbed As The Next Revolutionary Athleisure Clothing?

The humble tracksuit has come a long way from its heyday back in the 70’s. Coming back to 2020, from CEO’s to the lovers of norm-core clothing, everybody is hoarding the good old tracksuit for its comfort factor and amazing appeal.

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Latest tracksuit style

Tracksuits are traditionally being worn as part of an active ensemble. Therefore, primarily look at track pants that taper around the calves. These make for a more streamlined silhouette and ensure your look is athletic. Pair these with a fitted workout tee and a smart zip up hoodie or gilet in a tech-fleece fabric. Invest in wicking fabrics adds polish to a tracksuit and makes it feel more appropriate as active wear. When considering color ways, keep it simple. You can stick to dark neutrals like black, grey and deep green. These give your tracksuit an urban edge and are also versatile when it comes to mixing different tops and bottoms.

How to wear a tracksuit?

Let’s start with the basics. If you’re rocking a tracksuit as day wear, don’t dive in with a full-blown matching ensemble. Instead, give your sweats some shape and contrast with a fitted turtleneck sweater and black or navy fitted track pants.

If sweats are not your thing, think about layering with contrasting fabrics. Wind breakers and bomber jackets are a great way to elevate a track suit whilst still maintaining an urban, relaxed feel.

How to accessorize a tracksuit?

When it comes to accessorizing a tracksuit, the key is keeping it casual. Don’t add any accessories you wouldn’t throw on over gym gear a baseball cap, sunglasses and a duffel bag is more than enough and will ensure you maintain a laid back aesthetic.It’s also worth using accessories as a way to liven up your tracksuit.

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