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This Year, Try Sticking To the Classic Polo Shirts for Amazing Silhouettes

There was a time when few of the closet staples were only attributed to the men or to women only. With the evolution of the global fashion scene, things have changed and wearing clothes no more is gender biased. Similarly, the classic polo tees have been creating a stir in the global fashion scene for the fashion forward women, and they are leaving no stones unturned to carry them with oomph and confidence. Their might have been a conception that the polo tees are too mannish, and wouldn’t be suiting the delicate stance that women carry, but with the help of the celebs and models, women are denying this notion too.  From the accessories that can be flaunted with these tee, to the clothing counterparts to suit them, a lot of options are available to embrace them with grace.  You can check out the retail hubs that dropship from the reputed clothing drop ship companies in USA and UK, and get hold of the medley of women’s polo shirts available.

polo t-shirt manufacturer

So, if you are planning to own the polo tees and try out a range of silhouettes in them, here are some of the style tips to follow.

Add feminine accessories

If you want to look graceful and sophisticated with the polo tees, you need to be downright daring and add the feminine accessories with confidence.  From the statement ear rings, to collar neck pieces, the long pendants and what not. You must have the right idea to rock them, and just cannot simple add them for the sake of it.

Get dressed up

Who said you can only manage to look casual, plain and simple with the polo tees? You can actually get dressed up in them, when worn with the stylish palazzos, or paired with skirts. Thus, for the social occasions, or parties you can easily ditch the dresses and go for the polo tees for effortless yet chic looks.

Wide legged trousers are perfect

You can go completely retro and try out the combination of the polo tees and wide legged trousers that reflect a vintage feel. Add the heel and get an elongated demeanour for an offbeat stance, be it to office, the casual errands or even while traveling.  You can also accessories this, but be minimal while doing this.

Preppy is the new cool

Try something very new-fangled with the polo tees, as you get hold of the long and oversized polo tees and wear them like a dresses. Layer them with jackets or kimonos and look perfectly preppy for the different occasions.

Channel the 70’s looks

If you are wondering to go back in time and channel something very stylish, like may be the 70’s look, then you should be ready for some skin show. Tuck in a well fitted polo tee into a little printed mini skirt, with sneakers. This is the perfect classic 70’s attire, combined with the athletic feel.

Try out some office style

Who said you have to religiously stick to the shirts only for the perfectly poised office attire? You can wear the tight fitted polo tee with the formal check loose fitted trouser, and wear this with formal shoes. Add the blazer if you want to, and strut into office with appeal.

Thus, the wholesale polo shirts are all over the fashion scenario today, and you kust cannot afford to miss them. If you love fashion, go on the less trodden part and add them to your closet.