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This Year, The Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers Are Changing The Face Of Men’s Fashion  

Every year, the fashion world offers something new to the style enthusiasts, and 2018 is already shaping up to be a seriously fashionable year for men. The hunky gentlemen now get the golden chance to kick off some of the boldest looks, be it for the boring workplace or fun parties. The wholesale manufacturers are blending the vintage style statements with today’s of-the-moment elements to create the most dapper ensembles. Promising to stick around for the next few years, the incredibly good-looking clothes that are surfacing for men this season are must- haves for the closets of the metrosexual fashionable men.

Wondering which clothing to own this year and stay updated with the global fashion industry?

This Year, The Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers Are Changing The Face Of Men’s Fashion  

Here are some of the best items brought in by the leading mens wholesale clothing manufacturers.

The retro vintage plaids

The old and vintage plaid patterns have come back to men’s fashion world too, and from men’s trousers to jackets and even caps, these patterns are quite omnipresent. Reigning supreme, you can go for the check suits to the casual plaid shirts and make them your ultimate personal style quotient for this year.  First timers can simply complement their neutral colored clothes with the matching plaid pieces, such as a coat or blazer.

The turtleneck suits

For men, suiting can never go out of style and the turtle neck style for suits have a comeback for men this year.  Instead of simply wearing the shirts with the suits, time to wear the turtle neck body hugging tees or the sweaters inside the suit blazers and look dapper for any occasion, from parties to the workplace. By combining a turtleneck with a smart suit, you will achieve the tailored and sleek silhouette and carry this to the semi-formal events.

The statement brown clothes

Wondering about the color of the year? According to reports, it has to be the rich and warm shades of brown and is supposed to create great statements for men.  You can simply wear the camel colored clothes from head to toe or add the camel colored piece with some other clothing piece for creating a contrasting effect.

The soft and soothing textures

The rise of comfort dressing is seen this year, and men are taking forward the blend of style and comfort to new levels.  You can simply go for the loose garment shapes made of soft textured fabrics like fleece, fur, and shearling, suede to velvet, and even corduroy.  These fabrics are ideal for autumn and winter months.

Oversized everything

Men can try out the oversized silhouettes this year for its high end craze.  The sloppy blazers, sweaters, tee, and sweatshirts must be worn with fitted counterparts to strike the best balance so that the overall look is proportionate and put together well.

The athletic surprise

The best and most trending fashion element comes in the form of blending and sophisticated mainstream looks with the athletic pieces to create the athleisure ensembles.  For different events and occasions, these looks offer chic yet laid-back appearances.

Apart from clothes, men also get to have the most fashionable shoes that are crafted by leading wholesale shoe manufacturers in USA. Sync your clothes with these shoes and churn out great attires!