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Your Outfit Matters When Doing an Exercise – Here’s Why

For some reason, people have been peer pressured by anyone who pays attention to how they look when they work out. Even if you are not trying to impress anyone, still wearing an old worn-out T-shirt full of holes isn’t the best idea. The well-known saying “dress for success” is a good motto to apply in both the professional and fitness worlds. Taking the time and effort to choose your gym outfits will give you a chance to strike a balance between fashion and comfort. You don’t have to feel guilty about splurging some money on a new pair of compression leggings to wick sweat and provide you with enough freedom to move without restrictions or discomfort. Studies also proved that there might be a direct link between what we wear and how we perform in the gym.

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Here are some reasons why you should care about your workout outfit and why does it matter what you wear to the gym.

A Mental Boost

Two researchers who were curious about how our clothing choices affect our mood and behavior started a study back in 2012, that proved the existence of a direct link between our outfits and our mental state. It all boils down to the symbolic meaning you associate your clothes with. Buying and wearing trendy, fashionable workout clothes has the power to motivate you to start hitting the gym more frequently. A new cute outfit will give you a confidence boost that will help you in performing better and harder at the gym which will consequently lead to better faster results.

Enclothed Cognition

Besides the confidence boost, clothes can cause an immediate mental shift with every outfit. This is what experts call “enclothed cognition” which describes the influence of our clothes on our behaviors and mental states. This means that whatever you throw on for the gym can affect your performance subconsciously either for the better or worse, so make sure to choose your outfit carefully. One sports psychologist compared wearing a new gym outfit to an actor putting on a new costume. This simple act will make you feel more inclined to be more active and perform better.

You Need A Suitable Outfit

Even after years of doing yoga or hitting the gym, many people still don’t quite understand that there are certain suitable options for working out. You can’t just throw on any pair of leggings and an old random T-shirt that you don’t need. Wearing pieces of clothing that will handle both the pouring sweat and the movement of your body is essential for your comfort at the gym. When you are comfortable, you tend to work out much better without worrying about tearing your clothes or smelling bad due to synthetic fibers. Reviewers from a reliable website have realized the importance of choosing only clothes made out of 100% cotton to absorb sweat without reacting to it. Your sweatpants, leggings, or even shorts need to handle extreme body movement without being at risk of sudden tears. Your sneakers should also be picked to accommodate all your workouts and movements.

Protect Yourself 

Choosing your outfit carefully has the power of protecting your body against common risk factors that might affect the performance of your workouts. For instance, people who live in Seattle need to protect their bodies against long, cold days during the morning runs, unlike those who live in Miami who need to choose the fabric of their clothing carefully to wick sweat and keep their skin cool and dry throughout long sweaty sessions. Two important factors you need to pay attention to are the size and the type of fabric. Tight low-quality clothes will not only limit your movement and discourage you, but they can also easily irritate the skin and contribute to many skin issues such as rash and itchiness.

Picking the right size of sneakers is particularly the most important when it comes to protecting yourself against bruises, blisters, and foot or ankle injuries. Other than being fashionable and enhancing your mental state and performance, investing in high-quality workout gear is highly worth reducing the risk of getting hurt during your workout routines.

Many people fall under the wrong impression that any old ratty outfit is suitable to be worn during exercise. Several studies have shown the importance of carefully choosing your outfit to give your confidence and performance a boost and protect your body against different injuries, that are otherwise, unavoidable without choosing website the right fabric, size, and quality of materials.