4 Basics From Your Closet That Should Never Be Used As Sports Clothing

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4 Basics From Your Closet That Should Never Be Used As Sports Clothing

Beginners in the world of fitness often find it very difficult to locate the right clothes to wear for their chosen fitness routine. Whether it running or lifting weights in the local gym, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘what should I wear to not look like a clueless bat flapping away in the daylight where it does not belong’. More often than not, the idea of buying the right clothes for the purpose is preceded by the decision to approaching a fitness schedule in the first place.

Thus, it is not very unusual to find enthusiasts who wear things out their closets only to furnish the first few days of fitness clothing requirements. However, at all times, it is recommended that certain pieces of otherwise commonly used clothes are never used for the purpose.

Four of them can be mentioned as follows…

PJ’s that are old and absorbent

They may be old and absorbent which may also feel right for fitness activities, but in practical experience, they can be your worst enemy. PJ’s in general are designed to offer comfort and warmth through ordinary and non-exertive usage. When used for activities where you are likely to perspire a lot, the absorbent fabric can stick to your legs and compromise on your flexibility. You may also experience a tear through the seams. Therefore, it is best when avoided.

Your basic every day inners

Your basic everyday bra may be very supportive, but you can never equate the same with sports bras. The latter is designed for wear through tough and trying workout schedules, balance body heat and perspiration to result in optimum comfort through rough training. Ordinary everyday bras can only make you feel itchy, sweaty and uncomfortable that can compromise your best attempts at exercising.

Sports clothing manufacturers have in general been focusing on educating as many women as possible about not using ordinary bras even when they work out at home because the results can be very counterproductive.

Casual shorts / khakis

Here again, the issue lies with flexibility and body heat management. Regular khaki shorts / casual shorts are designed to handle regular usage. However, if you are into kick boxing, running, mountain climbing or other activities that require you to possess 100% flexibility, you will be better off using bottom wears that are specifically designed for the purpose.


Certain geniuses believe that spanx can be passed as compression wear. The truth is, shape wear has not much in common with compression wear that is designed for a very different purpose altogether. Wholesale clothing suppliers in the USA have made high quality compression gears available at affordable rates so that availability is never an issue.