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5 Day Jobs That Fit With The BJJ Practitioner Lifestyle

Did you know that many pro fighters on their way to a full-time BJJ or MMA career have day jobs?

Whether it is a career or just a passionate hobby, this style of combat requires a structured training lifestyle.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is all about strength, technique, and heavy training. That means that a practitioner’s day job has to be favorable to a highly-structured and busy lifestyle.

Below are a few jobs that are common amongst fighters. Some are beneficial because they allow scheduling flexibility that is conducive to a rigid training regimen. Others for their incorporation of movement and physical action while on the job.

Read below to find out more.

1 . Personal Trainer

any fighters choose to pursue a day job that allows them to train and remain in movement throughout the day. Not only does becoming a personal trainer allow for training and physical movement, but it also provides schedule flexibility.

Meeting personal trainer qualifications is just the start of your journey in this career. Investing in strength-training equipment for sessions serves the alternate purpose of investing in things you will use for BJJ workouts. If you are a trainer through an established gym, you may even receive discounted or free access to the space.

2 . Fitness Class Instructor

Much like a personal trainer, this job provides access to a gym space and equipment and physical movement on the job. While it doesn’t allow the same scheduling flexibility, if you are a natural extrovert and enjoy the communal sense of a group workout, it may be the right fit for you.

3 . Recreational Coach

Whether you are working with children or adults, coaching and teaching recreational sports can be a great way to stay active while avoiding stress on the job. This can help you to stay focused on your training and to avoid negative impacts of stress that could impact your performance in BJJ.

Stress can commonly lead to sleeplessness, anxiety, muscle soreness, decreased motivation, fatigue, and more. Avoid these easily and reduce lifestyle stress with a job like recreational coaching.

4 . Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy

Not all day jobs need to be a side gig. Many passionate and fruitful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu careers occur in line with full-time jobs. Being involved in sports medicine as a career gives you an in-depth understanding of your body. You can create a more strategic training regimen and better prevent injury or strain.

Injuries in BJJ can cost someone a career. Knowing how to diagnose and treat your own body gives you a significant advantage in training and competition.

5 . Nutritionist

Whether you are trying to go pro, or are a passionate hobby learner, your lifestyle can affect your performance in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. How you move your body throughout the day, the quality of your nutrition and even the status of your mental health and physical rest can affect you in a match.

Building mental and physical strength is a lot about what and how you eat. Changes in your diet can elevate or waste your workout routine. The extra knowledge that a nutritionist carries could be the difference between any two competitors with the same training routine.

The Bottom Line

Practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires skill, passion, and drive. It also requires time and flexibility, so that you can train and make it to competitions and matches. It requires moving the body during the day without getting overstressed or overworked.

Finding a job that fits the lifestyle of a fighter can be a challenge. Use this list to help you learn about options for ideal day jobs for BJJ practitioners.

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