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5 Ensembles for Different Activities on a Busy Easter Day

Easter is a holiday that celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, when he rose from the dead, three days after his crucifixion is a joyous occasion for all. From going for an egg hunt to having dinners with the family, the day is filled with activities. Easter bunnies have also made a fond memory. However, as stated, the day witnessed a lot of activities lined up one after another. Now, to be honest, you can’t wear what you wore to the church to a dinner party, or expect to not get stares in the Church when you walk in wearing something flashy. Each occasion calls for a different set of clothes. If you are not sure what to wear, here is a summarized version of ensembles that contort with each activity throughout the day.

For the Church

You need to dress conservatively yet don’t want to miss out on the playful aspect of your personality. So pick a light blue ruffled knee-length dress and couple it with a pair of (short) heels in beige. Wear a beige trench coat over the dress to tone down the ensemble even further. Simple accessories like stud earrings and a clutch matching the color of your shoes will complete the otherwise sophisticated guise.

When going for the egg hunt

After the service at Church is done, you will want to set your inner child loose and go for an egg hunt. Before elucidating on the ensemble, just a small tip- wear clothes that you will be comfortable in. but they shouldn’t look any less festive. A pair of jeans in light lavender, a denim shirt, and a pair of sneakers not only look classy but also make it easy running around, looking for treats high and low. The pastel shades will complement the mood of the festival and boost your personal style statement. You will find the perfect pastel garments with a top wholesale clothing manufacturer.

For the brunch gathering

Easter is not complete without incorporating a floral printed dress. Rather than keeping it for the latter part of the day (which will be comparatively easier and quieter), wear it to brunch with your friends. An off-shoulder blouse looks flirty. Opt for a lighter shade of pink to allow the floral patterns to stand out. A pair of jeans and ballerinas will keep you at ease, while also adding vibrancy to the attire. Romanticize the ensemble with a pair of statement earrings and a jute bag. Calm and elegant! Flawless integration of clothes for a quiet brunch!

For dinner

Dinner with the family is a must on Easter. All of your cousins and uncles and aunties will be gathering for the massive occasion. You have to dress the part but then again without having to compromise on comfort. Pick a layered dress crafted using superior quality lace that comes in pretty pastel shades like light blue or lavender. Lace will add to the dressy appeal whereas the muted hue will be easy on the eyes. Accessorize using white earrings, a sling bag and a pair of beige sandals to appear dreamy and classy.

Chilling with Netflix

After a long day of activity, you will be tired (that is obvious), and deserve to catch a break with some awesome movie lineups on Netflix. However, you will be looking to get cozy and nothing can beat a pajama set. If you don’t want to break your Easter mood though, slip into a pajama set that comes in a shade of bright yellow. Throw over a light blue button-down cardigan on top to feel warm. Opt for pieces made of cotton to be at ease and have a good night’s sleep. A pair of Ugg slippers will complete this cute chill appearance with panache.

Now that you have a proper guide on how to dress for the entire day of Easter, with detailed clothing information for each activity, make sure you use these to stand out in the crowd. Again, pick all of your clothes in pastel to look sober. From chic women’s clothes to trendy kids clothing wholesale manufacturers have everything you need to be displayed in the inventory. Retailers can purchase these in bulk by registering online.