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Fruit Themes Ruling the Fashion Scene in Summer

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Whether it’s a mood swirl or an outrageous floral, warm-weather clothing always makes room for fun, colorful prints, and this summer is no exception. Fruit designs and themes have been making a comeback in apparel and accessories, from your classic pearl necklace to your vacation-ready sundress. This season’s most popular themes include tart and sweet pineapples, luscious watermelons, delicious berries, and energizing lemons. For that carefree, fruity summertime vibe without feeling like a walking-taking wallpaper, consider these themes. See some cute ideas for updating your summer style!

Fruit Prints in Recent Collections

Fruity designs have long been associated with summertime happiness. Marilyn Monroe wore a cherry-patterned dress on The Misfits shoot as early as 1961. Fruity prints reached their peak around 2010 when they took center stage in brand visual languages. Kim Kardashian, Kaia Gerber, Rihanna, and other beloved celebs all sported fruity patterns, such as all-over cherries, on their skirts, dresses, bags, or bikinis.

Color Palette for Juicy Fruit Printed Outfits

As in the newest collections doing the rounds, where designers have embraced themes that are largely true to life, fruit appears on branches. Consider these color palette options to bring some juiciness to your outfits.

  • Juicy Hues: The fruit theme inspires a color palette rich with bright, juicy colors. Tangerine, lime green, berry pink, and vibrant yellow are prominent hues. These colors are used in monochromatic outfits, color-blocking, and mix-and-match styles, allowing for bold fashion statements and energetic looks.
  • Subtle Pastels: For a more subdued approach, pastel shades inspired by fruits are popular. Soft peach, pastel lemon, and gentle grape tones are used for elegant and chic outfits. These colors are ideal for those who prefer a more understated yet trendy look.

Charming Summer Dresses with Fruit Prints Featuring Lemons, Pineapples, And Cherries

This summer promises to be vibrant and exciting! The variety of patterns that emerge during the warm season is something we truly adore. However, traditional designs like polka dots and stripes aren’t always necessary.

Sophisticated Lemon Dresses

You will feel so joyful wearing lemon dresses since they bring back memories of Mediterranean vacations. Dresses with this type of print look amazing for many various events, such as garden parties, weddings, daily life, or even just taking a stroll by the lake. According to the occasion, lemon dresses can be dressed in a variety of ways. If you are going on a vacation, then consider wearing wedges, basket bags, and straw hats.

lemon print dresses

Berry Trendy

You won’t want to miss out on this summer’s fruit season! Wear the in-style denim dungaree skirt with an adorable strawberry shirt. A few strawberry fashion patches might add some flair to the outfit. A fruity-decorated bag will add a playful touch to any outfit. Play around with your hair and style them into a cute bow bun. You’re set with just a little pink on your cheeks and gloss on your lips. Remember to accessorize the whole look with a pair of tinted strawberry sunglasses!

berry print dresses

Pineapple Prints

Wear a pineapple print tank top to go all summertime. Wear it with a pair of simple denim shorts. Put on some fruity flip-flops and get beach-ready. To finish off your look, wear your hair in quirky pigtail buns and use little makeup.

pineapple print dresses

Melon Hunt

This summer, wear your favorite fruit as shorts. Match a graphic top and simple flats with adorable watermelon shorts. Use a fruity tote bag and a pair of hoop earrings to liven up your look. Add a printed scarf with the look or tie it around your bag for an extra pop of color.

melon print dresses

Apple With A Retro Touch

Women have a deep love for retro dresses with apple designs. Red lipstick and accessories like studs or hoops that complement the color look fantastic with apple dresses. Moreover, you can enhance the look by adding a touch of flowers to your hair.

apple print dresses

Summertime Fashion Accessories with Fruit Themes

For a flashy style, consider wearing little fruity accessories in addition to maxi print dresses. Accessories that highlight the juiciest fruits, like embroidery or beaded appliqués, are a great way to bring some excitement into the outfit.

Earrings shaped like cherries, necklaces with lemon pendants, and bracelets featuring tiny apple charms add a quirky and delightful element to outfits.

Perhaps, you can try cherry-shaped hair clips which can be seen on Instagram of famous celebs like Dua Lipa who is considered to be the queen of “fruit themes”. Handbags and clutches designed to look like various fruits are making waves. Pineapple-shaped clutches, watermelon crossbody bags, and strawberry totes are fun, statement-making accessories that are perfect for summer outings.

Fruit-print dresses give a whimsical touch to your everyday dressing and are perfect for summertime activities like beach walks and late-night get-togethers. These playful dresses are essentials for effortless summer style because of their flirty charm and carefree vibe. So, get these summer wardrobe essentials and look vibrant all summer to beat the heat in style.