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How To Fashionably Pull Off The Best Layered Looks In Winter?

What’s new this winter? Warm clothes might continue their style monopoly, but the coat trends are going to be bigger and better. These are also accentuated with practical features which will make you feel protected and comfortable. Take a look at the blog below as we have listed some of the sartorial outerwear styles that will definitely transform your cold weather style.

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Faux fur

This is more than just a trend. These are the three most striking examples of artificial furs, with bourgeois accents on one side and a wild twist on the other. This striking mix of aesthetics is chic yet cozy, as well as being a celebration of modern femininity.


For those who aspire to stay true to themselves in modern and easy-to-wear clothes in all situations, the comeback of the cape is here to save the day. This piece is a must have for an effortless yet elegant wardrobe where comfort is as just important as seduction.


2020 is celebrating a bold, rebellious and inspired femininity which is the reverse of ladylike style. Giving pride of place to black, sharp lines, checks and all the contrivances of punk, grunge and heavy metal, this offbeat revival laughs in the face of convention.

Power shoulders

Volume in all forms is key this season, with square shoulders extending and reinventing the silhouette. This obsession is translated as architectural forms, conceptual moods or triumphant, 1980’s comebacks. Best way to pull off this look is with a structured blazer and a minimalist designer shirt with flannel pants. The ultimate winter come-back look!


This is a variation of a decidedly popular winter theme. Shearling has a new look and is playing the classic card this season, with energetic, urban and sporty lines. You can get these in so many versions, from the urbane denim shearling to the cocktail party approved satin shearling jacket embossed with rhinestone glitters.


This family-friendly look is half sporty and half bourgeois. It’s safe to say that the preppy look is back, with designers giving it an international college spin. Our best outerwear recommendation would be the tweed blazer and the leather bomber jacket.

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