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Innovative Fabrics to Look For In Activewear

Your activewear does more than make you look good. In fact, the best workout materials can also increase the efficiency of your sweat session by keeping you cool and comfortable. Therefore, it is essential to invest in such clothing pieces that are designed to make your workout enjoyable.

One of the popular fitness clothing manufacturers have come up with a trendy fitness wear collection that you can have a look through.

Meanwhile, read on the blog below to know more!

  1. If you want super soft yet moisture-wicking activewear, turn to bamboo. Bamboo pulp yields a natural fabric that’s light, breathable, and has an anti-static nature. This best workout material can also protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays while you jog outdoors. You could run a marathon, then go to spin class, then run errands, and you’ll stay fresh, dry, and sun-protected.

  2. In the battle between cotton and other materials, if it’s a low intensity workout routine, then cotton definitely wins. Cotton absorbs moisture, potentially making you feel like a dishrag during a high-intensity workout. To get the best of both worlds during yoga, weight training, or other low-sweat activities, go with clothes made from cotton blends.

  3. The first commercially viable synthetic fiber and famously used to make women’s stockings, nylon is stretchy, quick-drying, and mildew resistant. The fabric allows cool air to reach the skin and also wicks sweat from your skin to the fabric’s surface, where it can evaporate. Thanks to these traits, plus its soft-as-silk feel, you’ll find this best workout material in all kinds of sportswear.

  4. Like polyester, polypropylene is made from plastic. But unlike polyester, this synthetic material is totally water-resistant. Plus, polypropylene forces moisture to pass through its fibers, expelling it to the fabric’s surface where it can evaporate. Even if you’re sweaty after a run and the outside of the shirt is wet, what’s touching you is completely dry. It works as a great as a base layer as well.

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