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Knowing All About Polo Shirts: Which Type Is Ideal For Which Business

The clothing item that is popular but is often a little overshadowed by its distant cousin is a polo shirt. These shirts are very versatile and can be a cool custom item for any kind of business. By getting in touch with one of the most well-known custom polo shirt manufacturers, you can design these shirts for your employees (no matter which industry you belong to). You can use them to showcase unity as well as company professionalism.

Before you reach out to the manufacturing unit, it’s important for you to know about their many features, right from structure to material to which polo will suit which industry.

The Polo Structure

Usually, polo shirts are constructed out of knitted fabrics that are easily identifiable by their braid-like pattern. Such shirts are mostly knitted and there are two main structures or types: jersey and pique.

  • Jersey Polos:

    Though widely linked with tees, the jersey fabric is also a good choice for polos. These polos are flatter and smoother in texture with a softer feel in comparison to pique polos. They have a lighter feel with more elasticity and are great for slim-fitting polos.

  • Pique polos:

    The woven and waffle-like pattern is the very identity of pique polos. Basic and conventional polo shirts are made out of this material. This material is flexible, long-lasting, and comfortable. It’s also highly breathable. The strong fabric makes for a more expensive and sturdier-looking item.

3 Prime Polo Materials And Which Business They Suit The Best

Once you have understood the structure, it’s essential to know about the different materials polos can be made of. Cotton, polyester, and a 50-50 blend are the three main ones. Each material comes with its own benefits, that will impact which one fits your custom polo requirements best.

  • Cotton:

    Cotton polo shirts offer the ultimate comfort as well as mobility. Remember, these shirts need additional care after washing to ensure they maintain their build and appearance. Cotton polos are best suited for cooler work environments where ease of movement and comfort are prioritized. They offer a relaxed and casual look.

  • Polyester:

    The synthetic fabric that is water and stain resistant is polyester. It’s a long-lasting fabric that resists shrinking and creasing. Since it’s moisture-wicking, polos made out of this fabric let the users stay dry and comfortable the entire day. If you need truly formal or professional-looking attire for your staff then go with polyester pique polos.

  • 50/50 Blend:

    The cotton-poly blend or 50/50 blend is the most used for making polo shirts. It’s crease-resistant, long-lasting, and highly breathable with great absorption qualities. It comes with a long lifespan and can be easily washed and taken care of. Do you need polo shirts for your staff working in factories, landscaping, or food services? Opt for 50/50 blend polos.

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