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Polo Shirts : Everything You Need To Know About the Classic Trend Before Summer

Polo shirts are preferred by all men. The fit, the fabric, and the styling options are all pivotal when polo shirt is taken into consideration.

However, we hardly pay attention to these details surrounding the staple piece.

It is time to know more (preferably all that you need to know), to utilize the piece well.

The fit of the polo shirt

When the fit of the polo shirt comes into question, no excuses can be made. You have to and must get the fit right. If you are looking for pointers, then keep reading the following detailed guide.

  • The sleeves of a polo shirt should always end mid-bicep.

  • The neck opening of a polo shirt should neither be wide nor too tight. It should feel comfortable and not suffocate.

  • The length of polo should not be more than half of your zip fly.

  • Don’t pick a slim fit if you have a beer belly because it will highlight all the wrong parts of your body. Opt for a relaxed fit. Similarly, if you are too skinny, skip anything that is oversized and pick a version that wraps your body flawlessly.

So that pretty much covers the fit of a polo shirt. Now let’s focus on the fabric.

The fabric to be used for construction

You primarily choose a polo shirt because of its comfort providing qualities. If you miss on that point, well, that is the thing right? Just as important the fit of the piece is for your comfort, the fabric has a pivotal role to play too. Most polo shirt manufacturers in USA use pure cotton and linen to craft the garments. These fabrics are light and allow you to breathe. Especially if you are wearing the piece during summer, you have to look for polo shirts that are made of soft and easy on the skin materials. To be more precise, avoid the following materials.

  • Polyester because they look cheap.

  • Silk because it will make you swim in your sweat.

  • Blended materials because they are a combination of

Thus, with the right fabric and fit, a polo shirt becomes the most comfortable piece ever.

A few (must try) elegant ensembles

Now that the functional aspects have been covered, let us focus on the aesthetics of the same. Polo shirts are popular for a reason- their simplicity and sophistication. They have a classic design that is when incorporated with proper subtle shades; the end result is definitely impressive. Though there is no prescribed way of wearing it, following trends and creating ensembles that endear is easy. The versatile nature of a polo shirt makes it a piece for all seasons and all occasions. A few must-try ensembles have been summarized here. Give a read to know more.

For the beach:  Just because you will be hitting the beach doesn’t qualify you wearing an eye-numbing number. If you want to add drama to your appearance, experiment with the prints and patterns, but stick to the basic muted shades for a smarter appeal. A dark blue version with abstract prints tucked into a pair of solid dark blue shorts and loafers is all you need to stand out amongst the crowd on the beach. You can also use a statement belt to make an impression. Shades and straw hat can be picked upon personal preference.

Formally casual:  Or maybe casually formal! The ultimate motive of the ensemble is to mix the different aspects of formal dressing with the casual ones and make an impression undeniable. Polo shirt looks conventional when a crisp, solid version is opted for. Wearing it with a pair of grey trousers and black loafers is nifty and sophisticated. Keep the fit in mind, and you will be fine. To give it a dressy approach, you can throw over a structured blazer on top.

All white for the brave heart:  Okay, this is tricky but worth it because the final result is simply stunning. Men clad it all white is a sight to behold, and this summer, it is an ensemble all men must try. A white polo shirt combined with (a slightly darker) off-white chinos is classy. A pair of loafers in black and an attitude unmatched will get you noticed wherever you go. Don’t combine two absolute white pieces together. Go for the different hues of white for the dramatic effect.

Thus, now that you have a few ensembles to go with, make sure to use it wisely. A polo shirt has become a staple and rightfully deserves all the attention. Pick a version that feels comfortable and stylish to give your personal style statement a boost.

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