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Few Ways To Wear a Black Hoodie Stylishly This Winter

A black hoodie can be the simplest thing to wear but also at the same time quite hard to style too. There are many different versatile looks that can be created with the help of a black hoodie. These are comfortable, practical and easy to wear item of clothing for the winter season. Generally, people complain about the fact that, the outfit looks like they’ve just thrown in some random clothing. But to create a well styled outfit is something that will require some effort. There are many ways you can style the black hoodie the details of which is given in the blog below. Meanwhile get in touch with a mens wholesale clothing manufacturers to know about the latest collection of jackets.

The formal attire

Wearing a black hoodie with formal wear is pretty easy. Considering the fact that some of the workplaces have a strict dress code, you can still layer up for the winter season and look equally chic. All you need to do is wear a flannel shirt and a black hoodie over it. To seal the look an olive-green blazer and pant is good enough. For the shoes, a vintage brown ankle length boot is good enough.

Smart and chic

For the smart look, you need the help of a stylish jacket and denim pants. For the extreme cold conditions, a nice camo print jacket and medium washed denim jeans will do the trick. This is better if you want to stick to darker clothes. But if you think something light will be better to break the monotony of the look, then a light toned flannel shirt and chinos is great.

Casual and minimalistic

For a casual look, less is more. Here the theory of minimalism works really well. A black hoodie paired with a neutral toned shirt and joggers is perfect for the quick errands to the mall. Similarly, this outfit is also great for lounging around with friends. For the shoes, converse is also good enough.

Layer on point

Hoodie with leather jacket and trousers is a great outfit idea. Generally, for long road trips this ensemble would suffice as the layer element of leather and flannel is good enough to provide enough warmth to the body.

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