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What Sportswear Apparel Manufacturers Are Responsible For

Alanic International Corporation

By Alanic

With thousands of established sportsmen in the world and a million budding stars catching up in the ranks, the requirement of sports clothing has been witnessing an all time high in this century. From athletic events to water sports; from cricket and football to winter sports, there is just too much for the entire globe to be happily involved with. Considering the fact that there is something for everyone and also considering the fact that people are actively getting involved with some sport or the other at amateur levels or otherwise, the need for the right clothing has emerged for all the right reasons.

Mix and match attempt is no good at a time when it has been established that sportswear contribute directly to the performance of the sportsperson. This is one of the many reasons that have impelled sportswear apparel manufacturers to establish their responsibility in ensuring that nothing short of the best reaches the enthusiastic ones. Some of these responsibilities are solely moral in nature and then there are those that can take the manufacturers to court when shrugged. Here is a list of some of the most important responsibilities that the manufacturers are obliged to shoulder as long as they proclaim themselves as ‘good’ and ‘reliable’ in the market…

  • To begin with, the manufacturers should be responsible with the quality of the clothing that they offer. The materials should, at any time of the day, be sturdy enough to handle the rigors of the concerned sports; it should be climate compatible and should be designed as per the specific needs of the sports.

  • Secondly, passing off fitness garments for one sport as something that can also be adorned for another is a strict no-no. At the same time, there should be no complaints with respect to running stitches, fading prints and substandard matters as such

  • Thirdly, sportswear manufacturers have to be responsible with their approach towards their customers and leave them ample options to have their clothing customized to their interest while maintaining a balance between quality and cost.

  • Fourthly, the providers should be open to returns and refunds and must lend a meticulous ear to grievances which is a part and parcel of running such massive wholesale manufacturing companies. Turning a deaf ear to complaints can act against the interest of the manufacturers and establish them as unreliable.

It is important for buyers to know their rights before approaching manufacturers for sportswear or any clothing for that matter. The enlightenment of the buyers plays a role in making the providers responsible.