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Why You Should Wear Copper Knee Brace for Protection and Support

Wearing the right sportswear and activewear is essential for having fun but comfortable fitness experience. Aside from mental motivation, the right choice of apparel will provide protection and support during your training. Appropriate clothing will allow you to move comfortably without limiting yourself.

To separate sportswear and activewear from ordinary clothing manufacturers use different types of materials with varying characteristics to keep you comfortable during movement. Today, people are raving about copper-infused knee protection, leggings, gloves, and socks, mainly because of their alleged pain relief claims.wholesale clothing manufacturer

Now is the right moment to be enlightened about copper-infused sports apparel, and consider the following reasons for actually wearing it:

Allows Heat Regulation

Sports apparel is specifically designed for movement. While it’s in constant motion, your body gets subjected to intense heat and humidity and will try to counteract these effects through increased body temperature and even dehydration. With the help of copper knee braces, you can efficiently regulate the temperature building up in your body, specifically around your knees and their neighboring parts.

A rise in body temperature decreases your muscle endurance. Your muscles will struggle to maintain the contraction for a longer period of time and this will eventually affect your performance.

Moreover, increased body temperature constricts blood flow to your heart, causing blood to pool in the limbs. Without a proper blood supply, your heart can’t pump sufficient oxygenated blood to be delivered to your muscles.

With the help of copper-infused clothing, managing your body temperature and blood circulation is more achievable to avoid these adverse effects.

Promotes Quick Recovery

Wearing compression clothing before activity can facilitate a quick recovery afterward. This includes reducing soreness so you can avoid unpleasant after-effects.

Here are some ways how compression clothing and gear assist you in achieving a faster recovery:

  • Minimizes vibrations: Whenever you run and jump, the forces exerted create vibrations that are directed to your muscles. These continuous vibrations can eventually cause micro trauma to your muscles which can aggravate soreness and fatigue during post-activity. Thanks to copper-infused compression gear, your muscles are tightly packed in one place which can resist vibrations.

  • Lessens the production of lactic acid: Your body starts to generate lactate (or lactic acid) when it experiences oxygen shortage, which occurs when you’re in the middle of physical activity. Your body will use lactate as a source of energy, but excess levels of unused lactate will accumulate in your muscle extremities, causing soreness. Using copper-infused knee compression will improve oxygen and blood delivery so you won’t have to produce lactate.

  • Prevents and eliminates blisters: Friction between your knees and thighs can cause blisters that can last for weeks. The non-slip design and targeted padding provided by copper knee braces minimize friction and prevent and eliminate blisters from forming.

Imagine how compression clothing itself is already beneficial for your physical activities. By incorporating a copper material into your knee brace, you can further amplify its benefits and ensure less soreness and fatigue during recovery.

Eliminates Body Odor

Aside from heat and pain management, copper knee compression can also provide protection from excessive moisture and body odor. Admit it, you must have experienced pesky body odor during your workout. While sweating is completely normal, foul body odor is an entirely different matter.

Basically, bad odor is caused by bacteria growth. When your sweat combines with heat, it creates a perfect environment where bacteria thrive. While wearing compression clothing with copper material, copper kills bacteria and fungi upon contact and eliminates your bad odor.

Moreover, copper-embedded knee compression can wick moisture away that is produced due to sweating, thus allowing you to move freely. Sweat and stickiness can be major contributors to chafing and irritation. Copper knee braces target two-in-one odor protection since they wick away moisture while keeping you cool, odor-free, and comfortable.

Copper in clothing has the ability to self-sterilize. Through repeated use of your copper knee brace, you won’t have to worry about washing it frequently to avoid having a bad odor. During hours of sweating, you don’t have to become too self-conscious and can focus on your performance instead.

Provides Comfort During Activity

Having a comfortable environment to move freely in is what usually dictates your physical activity goal fulfillment. Generally, every sportswear and activewear piece mainly prioritizes comfort and movement support. It applies pressure on your knees and thighs, not in a restrictive way but in a comfortable manner.

Also, some people might prefer copper-embedded compression with less wind resistance and find them more comfortable. They provide less friction compared to traditional sportswear and activewear. Lastly, compression clothing doesn’t become dislocated and displaced while engaging in easy to extensive movements.


Choosing the right gear and clothing for your exercise is difficult because you have to consider numerous factors. However, picking one based on the provision of protection and support should be your top priority. Featuring lightweight, stretchable material with patented copper fabric, you’ll always be in the game with copper knee braces, and you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.