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5 Best Types of Materials for Sports Clothing

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By Alanic

These days, the market is filled with a lot of varied clothing items for every type of sports activity. It is natural then that some people get overwhelmed when trying to choose the right apparel for their sport of choice. While choosing custom sports clothing, the type of material should be one of the most important factors to consider. The right kind of material can absorb sweat readily while you are playing or exercising.

Sports Garment Materials – 5 Important You Should Get

When you are looking for custom active sportswear, try to buy clothes made of any of the following 5 workout clothes materials.

Synthetic Fabric

This breathable fabric is one of the top choices for sportsperson and can absorb sweat very easily to keep sportsmen cool all through the game. Stay away from dresses made of rubber or plastic-based material which do not allow evaporation of sweat and make you overheated during sports activities.

Miracle Microfiber 

This is a synthetic material which is manufactured from a denier fiber. It is usually constructed of nylon or polyesters or both. The fabric can wick moisture easily and spread it through its entire surface.


Athletic dresses that are made of natural cotton can wick away sweat readily and allow you to feel comfortable while exercising. With cotton garments for athletic activities, your skin will be able to breathe and water will evaporate from your skin.


This is a natural material which comes from cotton, which is frequently unprocessed. This soft, breathable fabric is highly absorbent and environment-friendly. It is also known as mutton cloth or muslin cloth.


Spandex, also referred to as elastane, is a type of elastometric fiber which can expand more than 500% without suffering a tear. When not in use, this super-fiber can go back to its original size. Spandex garments became popular as the material of choice for superheroes like Batman and Superman and now adorn the body of the heroes of the sport wear fashion world. Figure skaters, gymnasts and swimmers mainly wear spandex garments. It is also the material for undergarments used by cricketers on the field.

It is important for you to select clothes made of the right materials in order to feel comfortable and energetic while playing your sport of choice. Avoid those materials that make you feel tight and uncomfortable while on field. You should also stay away from loose-fitting dresses.

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