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5 Types Of Shirts That Your Summer Wardrobe Needs To Cover!

As the time for sunshine, waves, and sandy toes slowly approaches, this is the opportune moment to get your wardrobe in order and stack up on different types of shirts that are going to define your summer wardrobe. Now, it might seem a bit obvious and you might have already scored some of them that are going to appear in the list below but harbor no doubt that is blog is going to give you some legit style tips that you might need to amp your style this sunny season!

All of the shirt types discussed below can easily be found with retailers who buy their stocks from wholesale clothing distributors in the USA.

Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts have always been a huge style statement, and nothing has changed this summer as well. These shirts can be paired with almost anything from solid neutral-colored joggers to distressed denim and even chino pants. They are extremely flexible and that is what makes them an all-time classic. The plaid color combination depends on what tones you like but going a little offbeat with checks of blue and grey could definitely be a good decision.

Tee Shirts

Didn’t expect this one on the list, did you? But the t-shirt comes from the family, whether it comes with a crew neck or a V neck. The thing about tees is that there is enough variety for you to spend every day with an entirely different t-shirt on and still have new ones for the rest of your life. In hindsight, that may be true for shirts in general as well. Depending on the kind of style you want to pursue, you could drift from semi-formal tees to more casual graphic tees and you would still very much be in the right territory. The best thing about these garments is the fact that they are cheap, low maintenance, and take literally less than 5 seconds to get into. It’s like a style boon for people who aren’t really made to be hard-working fashion models.

Dress Shirts

Next in line are formal dress shirts that really know how to ramp up your dapper look for the right moment. These are the shirts that when worn and carried right can get you the job you want, the lady you love, and the ‘yes’ to the marriage proposal on a dinner date. Dress shirts exercise immense power over people and if you can look sharp in them, half of the tasks in the world that have to deal with other people become really easy. Go for colors that are classy and a little off-beat like mauve, royal blue, cherry red, or dive into classics like black and white tees.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a very successful crossover between shirts and t-shirts and have been enticing the minds of men and women over the years. It is this popularity for the style that has led to its increased demand and eventually made it a staple wardrobe collection for women. There are many types of polo tees, including horizontal stripe polo, vertical ones, and solid colors. It comes with a color and requires a picture-perfect fit to do justice to the apparel. One can find a large number of polo collections with retailers who buy their stocks from wholesale polo shirt manufacturers.

Now that you have a fair idea of the kind of shirts that are going to amp up the style factor, don’t wait. Get your own collection now!

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